Top 10 Dramas to stream on Netflix Australia in December 2018

The 10 best Drama Shows on Netflix

Looking for a new show to devour? You’re in the right place. Netflix offers subscribers a plethora of titles to choose from. And because we know how hard it can be to pick your next addiction, we’ve gathered some of the finest Netflix offerings for this summer in a handy list below. Bookmark it and get your binge on!

The Netflix selection of drama shows is impressive, to say the least. But since we know your time is valuable, we’re only highlighting the best of the best. Browse through this Netflix top ten list and we guarantee you’ll find something to suit your tastes. From award-winning shows to action-packed series, there’s something for everyone on Australia’s most popular streaming service.

Top 10 – Stream the Best of Netflix

#1 Orange Is The New Black

orange is the new black

Orange Is the New Black is finally back with their long awaited sixth season. This season, we’ll get to see what happens to our favorite characters after the three-day riot that capped off season five. Don’t miss all the new episodes when the new season drops this month.



The gorgeous ladies of wrestling (aka GLOW) finally returns for their second season. This time around, we’ll see the launch of the famed “Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling” late-night cable television show, and alongisde it comes a whole lot of drama on the side.

#3 Anne With An E

Anne with an e

Amybeth McNulty stars as Anne, a spirited, imaginative, and smart 13-year-old, who has endured an abusive childhood and has been staying at homes of strangers. During the late 1980s, she’s been sent to live with aging siblings, Marilla and Matthew Cuthbert. Little did they know that she’s bound to transform the lives of the people in their small town. 

#4 Suits


In need of an associate, big-time Manhattan corporate lawyer Harvey Specter hires the only guy who impresses him – college dropout Mike Ross. The fact that he’s not actually a lawyer doesn’t seem to matter much. Catch season 7, now streaming.

#5 You Me Her

You Me Her

What really goes on in a polyamorous relationship? What are the real complexities behind “throupling?” You Me Her explores what it’s like when a married couple enters a three-way romantic relationship.

#6 Marvel’s Luke Cage

marvel's Luke cage

The story continues for Luke Cage, a man with super strength and unbreakable skin due to a sabotaged experiment. Season two brings more of Luke Cage’s past that he cannot seem to escape no matter how hard he worked to bury it.

#7 Shooter


Based on the best-selling novel “Point of Impact” and the movie featuring Mark Wahlberg, Shooter follows the story of Bob Lee Swagger, a highly-decorated ex-Marine sniper who is coaxed back into action after he learns about a plot to kill the president. Starring Ryan Philippe.

#8 Sense8: The Series Finale


Due to insistent public demand, Sense8 is back with the long awaited series finale, bringing the ultimate conclusion to the beloved Netflix original series.

#9 The Rain

the rain

This chilling new Scandinavian series may just be your next dystopian guilty pleasure. The Rain tells the story of two siblings joining a band of young survivors, who are seeking safety… and answers, six years after a brutal virus wiped out most of Scandinavia’s population.

#10 The 100

the 100

The story continues for the juvenile prisoners sent back to Earth to test its habitability with sesaon 5. As they try to forge their own path, external and internal dangers and threats await them.

Netflix is constantly expanding its library with new and addictive shows every month. Besides, they also have an impressive selection of movies. In other words, you’re in no danger of running out of content to watch. Read our complete Netflix review here for more info.