Netflix Has Millions of Subscribers, But Some Don’t Use the Service at All


Netflix Has Millions of Subscribers, But Some Don’t Use the Service at All


Some Netflix Subscribers Don’t Use the Service at All


Netflix is huge in Australia, with over 5.75 million subscribers. However, new data shows that over four in ten people with Netflix in the home watch less than three hours a week, or don’t even access their service at all.

A second wind has lifted Netflix’s Australian subscriber audience up over 5.75 million, the latest data from Roy Morgan Research shows.  At the end of May, the service had almost five million Australian subscribers. Over the next few months, the streaming service’s growth appeared to stall, but the plateau turned out to be short-lived. November results show that 5,776,000 Australians 14+ (29%) have Netflix in the home, through 2,223,000 household subscriptions.

That being said, not all subscribers spend that much time binge-watching TV and movies. Over two in five Netflix subscribers stream less than three hours of its content during an average week—including 26% who watched some Netflix but less than three hours in the last seven days, and another 16% who didn’t watch any at all. At the same time, 35% of people with a household Netflix subscription spend three to seven hours watching, and 14% spend eight to 14 hours. Less than one in 10 Netflix subscribers (9%) had a real ‘binge-viewing’ week, watching 15 or more hours of content.

Nonetheless, the whole appeal of Netflix is that its content is always there. If you’ve just finished binge-watching BoJack Horseman over the course of one long weekend, you might not log in to the service for the following week.  As a comparison, the majority of Foxtel subscribers spend at least eight hours a week watching, including over a third who watch for 15 hours or more. Only around one in 20 people with Foxtelhaven’t watched it at all in the last seven days.

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