Netflix makes binge-watching easier with video previews


Netflix Makes Binge-Watching Easier With Video Previews


Ever had trouble deciding what to stream on Netflix? The platform just made things easier. Since it can be hard to pick a show you might like based on an image and short description alone, Netflix recently introduced video previews to aid undecided binge-watchers.


Streaming giant Netflix is adding a new feature to your TV experience. The service just announced that users will be seeing videos while searching for the next Netflix show to binge-watch. All in order to give viewers a better idea about what’s in store. The previews aren’t full trailers, but are meant to provide a visual snapshot of each offering. In other words, you’ll see scenes from titles along with a synopsis.

“As video becomes a bigger part of our lives, it will continue to play an increasing role within Netflix as we enhance the Internet TV experience around the world. We hope you enjoy video previews and find more great stories along the way,” Stephen Garcia, Director of Product Innovation for TV & Chris Jaffe, VP of Product Innovation, said.

The news comes shortly after Netflix introduced video downloads for mobile devices. These previews already launched globally and will become available on eligible devices over the next few weeks. They will be available on Netflix enabled devices, which includes the majority of game consoles and Roku devices, with smart TVs and others getting updated in the coming months.

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