Netflix To Be Launched In Australia this 2015?

Netflix for the past few years has totally closed its door in launching its service in Australia, but on prior news according to the Australian newspaper, all that may be about to change. This giant US IPTV was already expanded in other major first-world nations such as the UK, as well as throughout Latin America because of its high rate of subscriptions which you might want to compare with other IPTV services.

Video giant Netflix could finally be set to launch in Australia next year, with rumors that the company has had a “shift in thinking” in regards to launching its own local version. A report in The Australian this morning says that Netflix has been swayed by the increasing number of Australians subscribers who are bypassing geo-blocks to access the service, which is believed to be around 20,000.

For your information, Netflix was Co-founded by erstwhile math teacher Reed Hastings. This IPTV services offers TV and movie streaming service for $US7.99 per month delivering what people want to watch, and when, and on the device of their choosing. A remarkable 17% of Canadian homes, or 2.5 million households, have Netflix subscriptions. And that’s from a standing start just three years ago, when the word “Netflix” was commonly mistaken here for a bug spray. Netflix Inc. now has a stock-market value of almost $20 billion.

It accounts for a huge percentage of web traffic in the US, and is arguably the most popular streaming service on the planet, despite it only being available in select North American and European markets. At peak evening viewing hours, Netflix accounts for a staggering two-thirds of North American Internet traffic. Worldwide, Netflix subscriptions have soared to more than 40 million, this year surpassing the U.S. subscriber base of Home Box Office (HBO) for the first time.

The Australian has reported that a number of their sources said that Netflix is “active” in the market and a launch was “imminent”. However, a spokesman for the company is refusing to confirm the details, simply stating that they have not announced any further details about their international expansion.

The Australian has said that the market is gearing up for Netflix’s move into France, Germany and Australia next year.

Netflix’s original concerns were believed to be about Australia’s poor internet infrastructure and its ability to maintain a low monthly subscription price in a small market and that it had intended to finish its expansion in Europe first. However, Netflix has been actively acquiring Australian content for its services overseas
So I think we should thanks those 20k Aussies that have gone out of their way to bypass legal blocks in order to pay for the service, Netflix is reportedly starting to take notice.

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