Netflix to Launch in Australia in March 2015 - How to get Netflix

Movie and TV streaming service Netflix has finally announced its long awaited launch in Australia and New Zealand in March 2015.

Consumers in Australia and New Zealand with broadband connections will be able to subscribe to the service and and instantly watch a broad selection of movies and popular TV shows.

Netflix Service

The service will be delivered in HD and even 4K where available.

Since its introduction of internet streaming in 2007, Netflix has been connecting people to the TV and movies they love.

They are renowned for constantly striving to improve user experience through personalisation technology and advanced algorithms that enable users to curate a viewing experience perfectly suited to their tastes.

Broadband connected devices enable Netflix viewers to watch the TV they want whenever and wherever they choose. They have smart functionality that enables viewers to pause on one device and resume where they left of on another.

They will launch with an easy to sign up on month free trial and they can cancel any time they like.

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