Netflix finally lets you control what you share on Facebook

Netflix finally lets you control what you share on Facebook.

It is now possible to link your Netflix account to your Facebook account without making your entire viewing history public. Netflix has finally added an option that lets you decide what your contacts on the social networking site see and what they don’t.

In the past, Netflix users that connected their account to Facebook automatically shared their entire viewing activity with their friends. This may have discouraged many of the 50 million Netflix subscribers from linking accounts. After all, no one want’s to share their secret obsessions, or have their Facebook feed flooding with Netflix updates.

With the change, you can now share individual show episodes or movies with friends. After you have watched a movie or show, you will be given the option of recommending it to your friends- along with the option of typing a brief introductory message. Your contacts that have connected their Netflix account to Facebook will be able to view your recommendations in the notification center, on their email IDs (by Facebook) and on the Netflix website. Non-Netflix members will get recommendations delivered via the Facebook Messenger.

Netflix, with this update, wants to make it easier for people to talk about their favourite shows with friends. Netflix is banking on recommendation by friends to give viewers a more compelling reason to watch a show, than just Netflix’s algorithm.

The new sharing control is supported on PCs, web TVs, video-game consoles and Apple devices. Android support will be added in the near future.

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