Content range on Netflix

While Netflix may not yet be available here in Australia, it has many people eagerly waiting for it.

The amazing content Netflix has managed to collect, in many cases with exclusive rights from media houses in US and Europe, make it the first choice for viewers. In one such deal in 2012 Netflix obtained the rights to Walt Disney Co. movies from 2016, for which it outbid Starz and established itself as competition to premium channels. In 2013 Netflix displaced CBS Co.’s Showtime buying out exclusive subscription TV rights to Weinstein Co. movies from 2016. Prior to this Netflix already had the rights to Weinstein Co.’s foreign films and documentaries. In addition Netflix has also signed deals with many independent film houses including Open Road Films, FilmDistrict and Relativity Media LLC. Netflix is reported to spend upwards of $2 billion each year on obtaining content – which it then serves up to viewers for just $7.99 a month. That’s as good a deal as it gets for the viewers!

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