House of Cards Meets Daredevil: Watch Kevin Spacey Interview Charlie Cox

Two characters square off in the first episode of Netflix: The Originals, a new YouTube series coming from the streaming giant that recently launched in Australia. Kevin Spacey and Charlie Cox interview each other about their respective series and leave no stone unturned while trying to play catch with note cards.

A president and a superhero walk into a bar… or more like a talk-show setting. It’s not the beginning of a joke, but the premise of the first episode of Netflix: The Originals, a new series meant to give fans a closer look at the actors behind the Netflix characters they already know and love. The first instalment of the web series features Kevin Spacey and Charlie Cox, who interview each other about the Netflix shows they star in.

While Spacey is well-known for its brilliance and overall coolness, Cox is still a fresh face, so getting to know more about him is a real treat for Daredevil fans everywhere.

Spoiler alert: Spacey watches Breaking Bad and praises Gervais for his latest show, Dexter. Also, will Claire kick Frank’s butt? See what our favourite fictional president thinks, below.