MyRepublic Offers Unlimited Broadband at Fastest Speeds Available


While there are many internet providers that offer good value plans, MyRepublic stands out by maximising customer experience through high-speed broadband connections made more accessible courtesy of their affordable monthly plan fees.

With other telcos, you usually need to pay more for higher speed tiers, but with MyRepublic, fast is the new normal.

Fortunately, MyRepublic provides both NBN and ADSL connections. With NBN, unlimited plans start from $69.99/month and this already includes a home phone service for unlimited local and national calls. Using NBN 50, the telco’s most basic plan, you can be guaranteed reliable internet speed to support your streaming and gaming needs.

Unlimited NBN

MyRepublic has two NBN plans and they both offer limitless internet — Unlimited Essential and Unlimited Premium. What distinguishes one from the other is the speed tier. At $69.99/month, Unlimited Essential is MyRepublic’s most popular plan. It’s not surprising, considering it’s unlimited and uses NBN 50, all for such a reasonable plan fee. Unlimited Premium, on the other hand, uses NBN 100 and goes for $89.99/month. That’s still notably affordable for an unlimited broadband plan using the highest speed-tier compared to plans with other providers.

Unlimited ADSL

ADSL is still Australia’s go-to broadband service until NBN becomes more available, and MyRepublic has one unlimited plan that’ll more than suffice your requirements — the Unlimited Broadband Bundle at $69.99/month. This also includes a home phone service equipped with local and national calls to Aussie landlines.

Signing up to the telco’s ADSL plan also means that you won’t have a hard time switching to the NBN once it reaches your area. MyRepublic ensures a smooth transition phase as this happens — you can keep your current contract plan and use your existing MyRepublic modem that works both on their ADSL and NBN networks.

Gamer Pro

MyRepublic stands out not only because they use top-end NBN speeds for low monthly plan fees, but also because they have plans designed for true gamers at heart, in the form of Gamer Pro. With this, gamers have exclusive access to MyRepublic’s network, which has been remarkably optimised for gaming. With a Gamer Pro plan, you get super-fast unlimited internet for uninterrupted gaming, custom routing, and static IP.

Even better, you get a $200 discount off the PlayStation®4 500GB Fortnite Bundle. MyRepublic’s Gamer Pro Essential is at $79.99/month (NBN 50) and the Gamer Pro Premium is at $94.99/month (NBN 100). Both plans also include unlimited calls to Aussie landlines and are available on a 12-month term with waived connection fees.

Contract Options

It’s not all about speed either — it’s also about flexibility of terms, which is something MyRepublic also provides. Customers can choose to sign up for a 24-month, 12-month, or even month-to-month contract with the monthly plan fees staying as is.

However, if you opt for the no lock-in contract situation, there’s an upfront cost of $99 (previously $120) covering the Wi-Fi modem. Sign up for the 12-month plan and this gets reduced to $60, and all the way down to $1 if you go for the 24-month plan! Gamer Pro plans, meanwhile, are available on a 12-month plan only.

Are There Additional Fees?

Customers on a 12-month or 24-month term will need to pay a maximum Early Termination Fee of up to $110 (12 months) or $230 (24 months) if they cancel prior the conclusion of their contract terms. The Early Termination Fee will be calculated by the number of full months remaining in the minimum service plan ($10/month). Customers who want to cancel can do so at any time by giving MyRepublic up to 30 days’ notice.

Call Add-Ons

All of MyRepublic’s broadband plans already include a home phone service for unlimited calls to Aussie landlines. Extra call features are also available if you’re a prolific caller.  Starting with Aussie Wide, you get unlimited calls to mobiles plus low rate international calls for an additional $10/month. If you make international calls a lot, you can upgrade to the International 40 plan for $20/month. That’s equivalent to international calls to 40 landline and 30 mobile destinations at one low monthly price.


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