Save up to $20 for Life on NBN Plans from Mungi Broadband!

Mungi Broadband operations have ceased.

As of November 20, 2018, Mungi will no longer be offering or selling broadband services across the country.

What you should do:
We have lots of other great NBN and broadband plans to choose from. Simply visit our broadband comparison table to find a new plan to make the switch right away.

Save up to $20 for life on NBN plans from Mungi Broadband

After a successful launch, Mungi continues to disrupt the broadband market. The company is offering no setup fees and no contracts on all NBN plans, allowing you to save big. Plus, for a limited time, you can enjoy plans at special prices and save an additional $5 every month when you purchase a modem.

When picking a new broadband provider, there are a lot of things to worry about besides the actual cost of your chosen plan. Setup fees, installation fees, contract term – to only name a few. Mungi keeps thing simple and straightforward by eliminating all these pesky extras from the equation. The company offers three NBN plans, all available with no contracts, as well as no late fees, dishonour fees, setup fees, relocation fees, or cancellation fees. You’re free to change providers whenever you want.

The three Mungi offerings come with unlimited data and different speeds. Lightning 12 offers the nbn12 speed tier. Great for households with low to medium internet usage – typical evening speed between 7pm – 11pm is 10Mbps download. Lightning 50 offers the nbn50 speed tier. Excellent for busy households that consume large amounts of content. Typical evening speed between 7pm – 11pm is 35Mbps download. Finally, Lightning 100 offers the nbn100 speed tier. Superb for professionals, gamers, HD video watchers and social butterflies. Typical evening speed between 7pm – 11pm is 50Mbps download.

Plans cost $54.95/ per month, $64.95/ per month, and $74.95/ per month, respectively. They’re all currently available at a sizeable discount. Their full prices are $64.95, $84.95, and $94.95.

If you’re also on the market for a new modem, you can save $5 every month when you buy the D-Link DVA-2800 modem for 6 months from Mungi. The offer expires February 28. Just use the code LEGEND and you’re good to go.

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