Moose Offers Affordable Data-Only Plans with No Lock-in Contract

Affordable Data Plans from Moose Mobile

In this day and age, having multiple devices is nothing new. But these devices are only as useful as the data they have available. To be useful, you need to trust that you have affordable data to connect to the internet to surf and stream anytime. That’s why Moose Mobile offers data-only plans powered by the Optus 4G Plus Network that start from only $12/month.

Mobile data allows you to stay connected wherever you are. While Moose’s SIM-only plans offer generous data inclusions alongside unlimited talk and text with 90GB as its largest data offering, it’s only inevitable that you’ll need more on top of your standard mobile plan. This is where Moose’s data-only plans come in.

Data-Only Plans from Moose

Moose establishes itself as the telco that’s easily feasible because of the variety of mobile plans it offers. It also helps a great deal that these plans are reasonably priced without compromising the quality of the services being offered. The same can be said to its data-only plans. For customers who are using multiple devices, such as tablets, dongles, and laptops,  an additional plan makes sense.

After all, limiting your access strictly to your mobile doesn’t seem to be ideal if you prolifically use the internet for work, or play, or even both. The good news is that purchasing a data-only plan doesn’t need to be a financial burden. With Moose, you can choose from six plans — each providing solid data allowance at reasonable rates with no lock-in contract.

What are the Plans?

The telco’s data-only plans start at $12 per month for 1.5GB of data. This is ideal for customers whose internet habits only include the occasional sending of emails, browsing, and social media. If you need a bit more than that there’s the 5GB plan at $18 per month. Then comes the 10GB and the 15GB plans with monthly costs of $32 and $42, respectively.

Moose’s two highest tier plans include 50GB and 70GB of data at $58 and $78 per month, suitable if you’re a frequent internet user who loves to stream and download. All plans are powered by the Optus 4G Plus Network.

Are there Cancellation Fees?

Since Moose’s data-only plans are on a month-to-month setup, there’s no such thing as cancellation fees or any other inconveniences sometimes brought by being locked into a contract. However, it is important to note that you can receive invoices with delayed usage charges or any additional fees for up to two months after you opt out. For instance, there’s a SIM card replacement fee of $25 while late payment costs $15.

Running Out of Data

Once again, the monthly setup makes it possible to switch to another plan without any fees. You can move up or down your plan anytime should you find your data needs changing. Otherwise, excess data is at $15/GB. If you constantly exceed your data allowance, it’ll obviously save you a lot of cash to just move up your plan.

Why Moose Mobile?

The telco prides itself in the excellent services it offers without being as costly and clingy as other providers. The BYO plans are as cheap and flexible as it gets. Fortunately for customers with other devices, the data-only plans share the same distinction. There’s no minimum term so signing up is fuss-free. With a wide range of data plans that start from 1.5GB all the way to the largest 70GB plan, Moose provides reliable network and coverage for a smooth-sailing internet experience without breaking the bank.

What Else Does Moose Offer?

Moose also offers affordable SIM-only plans with unlimited calls except for Moose 9. Data allowances on Moose’s BYO deals go from 1GB to a whopping 90GB. Customers can choose to go month-to-month or sign up for a 12-month contract. Getting into a contract has its perks such as bigger data allowances and lower monthly costs on select plans. Currently, its month-to-month plans offer Moose 9 and 14 for only $5 for the first month from the actual $9 and $14 fee. Moose 9 includes unlimited text, 200 minutes of call, and 1GB data. Moose 14, on the other hand, has unlimited calls and text plus 1.5GB data.

Pay $0.10 On Your First Month!

Grab the Moose 9 and Moose 14 SIM-only plans for only 10¢ for the first month -- no lock-contracts, cancel anytime. Special limited offer only.


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