Moose Mobile’s $9 and $14 Plans are Only 10 Cents for the First Month

Moose Mobile

It’s now unbelievably cheap to sign up to Moose Mobile, with the lowest $9 and $14 plans being offered for only 10 cents the first month. And because almost all of Moose’s SIM-only plans run on the Optus 4G Plus network, you get a credible mobile service with your first month bargain.

Moose Mobile is already known for its cheap and flexible plans, and customers certainly don’t want it any other way. That’s why the telco continues to offer Australians a range of mobile service options that are fairly priced, as well as reliable in terms of network and coverage.

Moose’s 10 Cents for the First Month Promo

Trying Moose Mobile’s network is anything but complicated. Their SIM-only plans are varied and affordable, and the customers can choose between signing up month-to-month or on a 12-month term. And it gets even simpler than that, with Moose’s latest offer for new customers meaning you pay just 10 cents for the first month when you choose either the $9 or $14 plan.

With Moose 9, you get 200 minutes of calls, unlimited texts, and 1GB of data. The $14 plan, on the other hand, buys you unlimited talk and text and 1.5GB of data. Both plans are already cheap to start with, and come with no lock-in contract. Add the 10 cent first-month offer and you’ve got yourself a great deal.

Get the First Month FREE!

Get your first month free with select Moose plans: Moose 9, Moose 14, & Moose 19. All plans come with no-contract, and powered by the Optus 4G network.

Month-to-Month Plans and Promos

Signing up to a month-to-month contract is appealing for many because you can change your plan or cancel anytime. It offers flexibility and freedom that’s notably absent when you go for a longer term. Moose Mobile understands what their customers need, and that’s why they offer a no lock-in contract option when you choose their network.

After Moose 9 and Moose 14, which are currently offered for only 10 cents for the first month, there’s Moose 19 to deliver unlimited talk and text and 2.5GB of data. Moose 29, meanwhile, offers the same call and text inclusions but with 5GB.

Moose 34 comes next with unlimited national calls and SMS, as well as 10GB of data. Even better, it’s now discounted to only $25 per month, which gives new customers savings of $9/month. Moose 39 follows with unlimited standard national calls and texts, 18GB data, and $300 of international calls.

There are two Optus 3G-powered plans that are part of Moose’s month-to-month lineup and they both include unlimited calls and texts in Australia. Of course, they’re separated by their data allowance — Moose 49 buys you 30GB data while Moose 78 gives you 90GB.

12-Month Plans and Promos

While flexibility is a good thing, choosing a longer term plan also has its perks — most notably the ability to save in the long run by getting lower plan fees or securing greater inclusions. Either way, you get even more than you pay for with Moose Mobile’s 12-month plans.

Starting with Moose 9.80 and ending with Moose 40, all plans pack unlimited calls and texts with data inclusions that go from 1GB up to 23GB. The highest $40 plan even includes $400 worth of international calls. If you’re a frequent international caller, this plan could be for you.

Discounts also apply — the $29 plan is now offered for only $23/month while the $35 plan is reduced to $29/month, providing 10GB and 18GB respectively. The pricing is permanent so you get discounted monthly plan fees as long as you stay with Moose Mobile. In addition, Moose’s 12-month lineup has recently been revamped with the removal of the Optus 3G plans — they’ve been replaced by Optus 4G Plus.

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