Moose Mobile Offers 1 Month Free on Select Month-to-Month Plans

Thinking of switching to another mobile provider? Moose Mobile makes the selection process easier with their current offer — sign up to any of their three cheapest SIM-only plans and get your first month absolutely free!

Thanks to third-party providers like Moose, Australian users are given cheaper, more flexible options. The need to sign a lengthy contract while paying huge monthly plan fees is a thing of the past, fortunately. Now it’s unlimited talk and text credit galore with huge data allowances at affordable prices — some go as cheap as under $10 per month with no lock-in contract. With a choice of Moose Mobile offers, it gets even cheaper with the telco’s penchant for exciting deals.

1 Month Free on Select Plans

Starting today, new customers can purchase a SIM only service from Moose Mobile and get their first month free. The offer applies to the following month-to-month plans: Moose 8.80, Moose 14, and Moose 19. Sign up to any of these plans and you save one month worth of plan fee. That’s a deal made better in addition to the telco’s cheap, no lock-in contract plans.

For users who don’t need unlimited calling and don’t use much data, Moose 8.80 provides just enough — 200 minutes of calls, unlimited SMS, and 1GB mobile data. Or, upgrade your plan to include unlimited calls with Moose 14 and score 2GB data. To do a bit more streaming on your phone, Moose 19 is a great pick with 4GB data. Get any of these plans, depending on your needs, and enjoy your first month free.

Get the First Month FREE!

Get your first month free with select Moose plans: Moose 9, Moose 14, & Moose 19. All plans come with no-contract, and powered by the Optus 4G network.

Great Value Call and Text + International Credit

What makes Moose Mobile plans even more valuable are the call and text inclusions packed in all of them. Unlike other providers, which usually provide calling and texting to standard numbers only, Moose Mobile includes calls to 13/1300 & 1800 numbers, unlimited voicemail (Moose 8.80 deposits only), and SMS to both national and international numbers. If you happen to need all of these in your day to day, then Moose Mobile is your best bet.

As for international calls, they’re included in select high-end plans: Moose 29, Moose 39, and Moose 49. With these plans, you get 15GB, 25GB, and 40GB, respectively, and $300 worth of international calls. To score bigger data and greater international credit, the 12-month plans can help you save in the long run. The two top-end options — Moose 39 and Moose 49 — offer 50GB and 80GB data with $400 international credit included. All of Moose Mobile’s plans are backed by the Optus 4G Plus network, no exceptions.

When Does the Offer End?

Moose Mobile’s 1 Month Free promotion is an ongoing one with no definite expiry period. It applies to newly connected services and limited to 2 only per customer. Don’t miss the chance to score Moose’s amazing deal. Try their service for a month and for free. If you’re not satisfied, cancel anytime.

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