Enjoy $300 international credit with the Moose 34 Mobile plan

Moose Mobile knows how to keep clients happy. With a generous $8 offering and unlimited mobile plans starting at $14, the company is particularly appealing to budget-conscious consumers. If you’re willing to spend a bit more, though, you get some amazing perks. Including $300 worth of international calls for just $34/month.

Offering cheap unlimited plans with no contracts, Moose Mobile definitely stands out from the crowd. The company recently won an award for from Money Magazine for Best-Value Mobile Plan – High Usage, proving that customers don’t have to spend tons of money to talk and text as much as they wish.

But while unlimited plans are nothing new, if you have loved ones overseas it can be difficult to find an affordable option that will allow you to keep in touch. Luckily, Moose Mobile keeps things simple. First off, all unlimited plans come with unlimited international SMS/MMS. Moreover, the company’s Moose 34 plan offers not only unlimited calls within Australia, but also $300 international credit. Depending on your call destination, those are a lot of free minutes you can spend talking to friends and family in other countries. If interested, you can browse a list of international charges on Moose’s website. You also get 10GB of data, which is more than enough even more avid consumers. All for only $34/month.

Moose Mobile operates on the Optus 3G/4G network. Unlimited plans range between $14 and $34, depending on the amount of data you need. There are also two plans available on 3G only – a $49/month plan with 30GB data, and a $78/month plan with a whooping 90GB. Data plans start at $12/month for 1.5GB and go up to $78/month for 70GB.

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Get fast data + unlimited talk & text from just $14/month, all backed by amazing support!
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