Yomojo Launches Wireless Broadband with 250GB Data

Yomojo is already well-known for their family-friendly mobile plans, but now they’ve branched out to broadband, and done so in innovative fashion. Yomojo’s wireless modem uses mobile technology to deliver fast, reliable internet straight to your home or workplace.

In the past, it’s been difficult to find an alternative to the NBN that you can actually rely on. With Yomojo Wireless Broadband, however, those days are a thing of the past. There’s no installation required, meaning once you’ve got your modem you can be online within minutes.

Often, new technology comes at a price, but Yomojo’s Wireless Broadband offering costs just $44.90 per month for 250GB of data – or $0.0052 per MB. Of course, there is a fee for the modem – you’ll pay $169 upfront – but if you stick around for a while that will be well and truly worth it.

Are there any contracts involved?

Nope. Yomojo has made it easy for you to leave if you decide the service isn’t for you. You’ll be billed on a month-to-month contract and are free to cancel at anytime – a nice change from the long-term deals which many services force you to sign.

How does it work?

Setting it all up is very simple. There’s no need to go through a complicated process of installation because you can get online within minutes. Once you’ve received the broadband kit and SIM from Yomojo, all you’ll need to do is pop the SIM in and have it activated. To connect, just plug the wireless device into power and connect your devices to it in order to start streaming and browsing using the Optus’ 4G Plus mobile network.

What sort of speeds will I be able to get?

The major concern many people will have with this service is the speeds they’ll be able to get, and while they won’t be as fast as many NBN services you can sign up, for the price you’ll pay the upload speed of 12/1 Mbps (where there is 2300 MHz coverage available) is perfectly reasonable. If you don’t have 2300 MHz coverage available, you’ll be looking at 5/1 Mbps. You might not be able to endlessly stream High Definition Netflix, but you’ll certainly be able to get a majority of things that need doing done.

How do I sign up?

Signing up to Yomojo Wireless Broadband is easy. Before you do, however, you’ll need to head to the Yomojo website and check that the Wireless Broadband offer is available at your address. Once you’ve done that, you can purchase the service there and then. Yomojo will send out your new modem and SIM, and within minutes you’ll be all set.

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