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Free TPG mobile plan

For obvious reasons, speed is one crucial factor to tick off from your broadband requirements checklist. Fortunately, TPG is rated #1 for NBN download speed based on the ACCC March 2018 speed monitoring report. Needless to say, the telco doesn’t focus on speed alone because the viability of their services is just as important.

How else to be viable than to offer broadband plans that don’t break the bank? And it gets more exciting because TPG’s cheap NBN deals aren’t the only ones worth checking out. It’s the telco’s latest offerings for consumers that’ll get them to save big bucks as well, starting with TPG’s free mobile plan for three months.

These mobile plans include data allowances that range from 4GB to 20GB, including unlimited calls and texts, as well as international calls for select plans. Monthly costs range from $19.99 to $39.99. Customers signing on an 18-month contract can avail of the free mobile plan. This offer, however, is not available for NBN pre-orders and existing TPG mobile services.

As to what broadband plans to purchase, many customers prefer limitless data. That’s why TPG’s unlimited NBN plans are widely subscribed to. Unlimited plans with the telco cost from $59.99 to $89.99 monthly with speed as their dividing factor. The basic speed tier is offered at $59.99/mo, followed by the standard plus speed at $69.99/mo.

For utmost speed, the premium speed offering 80.2Mbps is only $89.99/mo. All NBN plans also include Pay As You Go phone lines and a WiFi Modem. And if you don’t mind going all the way with the 18-month setup, you’ll get more than what you expect. Because aside from the free TPG mobile for three months, the telco also offers to waive your setup fees. That’s $99.95 savings.

If you’re not much of a data user, TPG also offers non-unlimited plans that start from $29.99 for 10GB of data. Or, if you need unlimited local and standard national calls on the phone, you can opt the 100GB data plan at $49.99 per month. Whatever plan you choose, you can get any mobile plan free for three months with zero setup fees when you sign up for 18 months.

Here’s a couple of highlights:

Value for Money Unlimited Plans

  • Unlimited NBN, Basic Speed (11Mbps), $59.99/mo
  • Unlimited NBN, Standard Plus (46Mbps), $69.99/mo
  • Unlimited NBN, Premium (80.2Mbps), $89.99/mo
  • Pay as you go calls and WiFi modem included
  • Free setup fee for customers getting an 18-month contract

Get any Mobile Plan Free for 3 Months

  • Get any of the following mobile plans: 4GB, 10GB, 15GB, and 20GB
  • Monthly costs of $19.99, $29.99, $34.99, and $39.99
  • Monthly charge after 3 months
  • Includes unlimited calls and texts
  • All plans (except 4GB) includes 100 mins international calls

Limited Offer Only!

If you need a mobile plan to go along with your fixed broadband, this is the perfect deal for you. You can choose between TPG’s flexible NBN options, though its unlimited plans are among the telco’s bestsellers. To avail of the free mobile plan for three months and waived setup fees, just sign up for any broadband plan on an 18-month contract. Do it fast because this offer won’t be available for long. Get to know more about TPG’s plans and offers.

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