International Phone Credit as Much as $400 from Moose Mobile


International credit from Moose Mobile


While most service providers provide unlimited calls and texts in Australia with the addition of a decent mobile data, it’s a different story when it comes to making international calls. Nevertheless, this area needs to be addressed with viability to get customers connected with friends and loved ones living abroad.


Fortunately, Moose Mobile offers significant international phone credits on select plans. Of course, this is particularly ideal for customers who have friends and loved ones residing abroad. Catching up with them won’t be as costly as before with Moose’s substantial international credits. All you have to do is sign up.

Moose Mobile

With mobile SIM-only plans that start at $9 per month, it’s apparent that Moose is all about delivering quality deals without compromising their customers’ budget. The data inclusions are promising as well with the telco recently increasing their lowest data allowance from 500MB to 1GB. If you throw in unlimited texts and 200 minutes of talk into the mix all for under $10 monthly with no lock-in contract, that’s something worth eyeing for, is it not? On top of Moose Mobile’s flexible offerings, an assortment of other options are also available – depends on what every customer needs.

International Phone Credits

If it’s international phone credit you’re looking for when choosing a plan, there’s the Moose 39 to cover your specific need. It packs 18GB of data, unlimited calls and texts to standard numbers in Australia, and a $300 international phone credit – all for $39 per month. Now, these inclusions certainly tick all the boxes in your checklist as far as the basics are concerned.

If you don’t mind signing up for a plan, Moose also provides their award-winning services on a 12-month contract. It’s ideal especially if you’ll go for the higher-tier plans since they’re offered in lower monthly costs. The cheaper plans, on the other hand, have larger data allowances compared to their month-to-month counterpart.

More importantly, the international phone credit provided is even much more substantial with $400 international calls if you sign up for the Moose 35 plan. This also includes the standard unlimited calls and texts in Australia and 18GB of mobile data for only $35 per month. You may need to sign up to a longer contract, but if it’s not an issue the Moose 35 plan is a must-have. 

12-Month Plan vs Month-to-Month

With Moose Mobile, you can either choose the month-to-month setup for utmost flexibility or opt the 12-month contract to avail the higher tier plans for lower monthly costs. For instance, you have the 5GB data inclusion plus unlimited calls and texts at $25/mo for the 12-month contract while it’s $29/mo if you go for the month-to-month plan.

Meanwhile, cheaper plans under the 12-month contract also have bigger data inclusions. Moose 14 has 1.5GB for month-to-month while the 12-month plan has 2GB for the same $14/mo cost. But if its freedom and flexibility that you value the most, that’s what the month-to-month plans are for. And as discussed above, there’s as much as $400 international credit if you go for 12 months, though the $300 international credit included in the month-to-month is already a generous offer. 

Keep Your Phone Number

Keeping your existing phone number is a not an issue when you sign up with Moose. As a matter of fact, 95 percent of customers do and you won’t even need to contact your old provider as Moose will do the work for you. It is also important to note that the transfer only takes place when you receive your new SIM card in the mail.

Reliable Speed and Coverage

Moose Mobile’s data offerings are operated by the Optus 4G and 3G Network, which was Australia’s winning mobile network in 2017. As Optus continues to improve the quality and accessibility of its data and voice services, customers can be assured that Moose does the same, too. There’s also a coverage map on Moose Mobile’s site you can check to learn more about the network’s speed and coverage.

Upgrading to Another Plan

With Moose Mobile’s month-to-month plans, you can choose to upgrade to another plan should the need for it arises. You can move up or down your plan anytime without worrying about any cancellation fees.

Who Is this Offer For?

Catching up with your loved ones abroad doesn’t have to be financially exhausting. For as low as $39 per month, you can let them know how your day was more often and talk about anything under the sun. Plus, you get all the basic inclusions that can cover your daily communication and internet needs. If you sign up for a 12-month plan, you get bigger credit for a lower monthly cost of $35. 

What else does Moose Offer?

Aside from its SIM-only mobile plans, Moose also offers affordable data-only plans that start from $12/mo for 1.5 GB of mobile data. Its highest data-only plan packs 70GB of mobile data for $78 per month. These plans also use the Optus 4G Network, with no lock-in contracts so you can change plans anytime. Moose Mobile’s data-only plans are suitable if you have other devices such as tablets, laptops or dongles. Get to know other amazing offers only from Moose Mobile.

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