MATE Communicate broadband plans available at a 10$ discount

MATE is sweetening the deal when it comes to their no-contract broadband plans. For a limited time, the telco is offering $10 off the monthly charge for the first 6 months to new customers looking to up their broadband game. The discount is available for both NBN and ADLS connections until the end of February.

If you were looking for a new broadband provider, now is the perfect time to jump ship. Sign up to MATE and you will get a $10 discount off your monthly charge for the first 6 months; making their broadband plans more affordable than ever. The promotion is available to new residential customers only and is valid until February 2. The discount is applied to the first 6 invoices from the date of activation of the service, for both NBN and ADSL plans.

For starters all MATE Broadband plans come with unlimited data and no contracts. On the NBN front, plans start at $49/month for 12Mbps/1Mbps speed. If you’re looking for faster internet, you can opt for the Great Mates plan at 25/5 speed or the Yeah Mates plan at 50/20 speed. Both plans are priced at $59/month. For the Souls Mates Plan, at $89/month, you get 100/40 speed. In other words, thanks to this promotion, you can enjoy unlimited data on the NBN for as little as $39/month.

As for ADSL, there are two options available, depending on your address. The City Mates Plan is $39/month, while the Country Mates Plan costs $49/month. Transition to the NBN is free when it becomes available in your area. With MATE, there are no installation fees, connection fees, or plan change fees to worry about. You can use your own modem or purchase one from the telco. ADSL and NBN Bundles are also available (internet + phone).

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Great value ADSL and NBN broadband deals. Unlimited data. No lock-in contracts.
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