LA Lakers Free To Air and NBA Live Stream TV Guide

LA Lakers Australia

Ask anyone who doesn’t know anything about basketball to name an NBA team and the chances are they will respond with the LA Lakers. Like the All Blacks, Real Madrid and Lewis Hamilton, they have managed to transcend their sport and touch a much broader global audience, in large part thanks to players past and present like Shaq O’Neal, Koby Bryant and Lebron James.  

In this guide, we are going to look at why the LA Lakers is such a popular basketball team, whilst showing you how you can watch and stream their games live or on-demand direct from the US of A.

LA Lakers History and Preview

The LA Lakers are the NBA’s second most successful team with 16 Championships, only one behind the Boston Celtics (17). The most fruitful periods in the team’s long history came in the 80s when a certain Magic Johnson was the sport’s poster boy, and the 2000s when Koby Bryant ruled the court. They haven’t won a Championship since 2010, but that all looks set to change after they signed Lebron James in 2018. The 16 time NBA All-Star has made the team a real force again and this year is single-handedly helping them make a push for a record-equalling 17th NBA title.

The man in charge of the Lakers run for NBA glory is Frank Vogal, a two-time NBA All-Star coach. He has very much changed the fortunes of the franchise since taking over in 2019 and has the players at his disposal to dominate for at least the next two years in Los Angeles.  

Since 1999, the Lakers have played all of their home games at the world-famous Staples Centre. This 19,000 capacity arena is in the heart of LA’s Metro Area, and also the home of Laker’s city rivals, the LA Clippers. The venue is often littered with big-name celebrities courtside during games, with Jack Nicholson, Denzil Washington, Flea and Anthony Keidis just a few of their most dedicated fans.

LA Lakers TV Rights and 2020 Broadcast Guide

Fortunately, there are several options when it comes to watching the LA Lakers live in Australia, including Foxtel, NBA League Pass and Kayo Sports. SBS is the official NBA free to air broadcaster for 2020/21, broadcasting 67 games across the season, although there is no guarantee that these games will include the LA Lakers. Live SBS coverage comes directly from the ABC network in the USA. SBS also offers live streaming options with the SBS On Demand app.

For comparison, as shown in the TV schedule below, Foxtel, Foxtel from Telstra, and Kayo Sports will televise 190 regular-season games during the NBA season through ESPN. This US sports network often have the first pick of the best games from each week, meaning you’re more likely to see the likes of the LA Lakers, Boston Celtics and Golden State Warriors live. ESPN also has the rights to the NBA All-Star Games, Every Boxing Day Game, the Playoffs and the Finals. 

If you would like to access every single minute of NBA action across the course of the season, from warm-up games right the way through to the finals series, then you will want to look at an NBA League Pass subscription. With the NBA League Pass, you get a hefty 1230 live games during one campaign. You can even watch games on demand or shortened mini highlights.

Watch the LA Lakers Live Online

If you enjoy NBA as well as other US sports action then ESPN (Foxtel) is the channel for you, televising the biggest games across each weekend. So if you’re a resident in Australia and don’t have access to Foxtel, you may wish to review the Foxtel Now 10 day free trial. This trial offers NBA fans the chance to watch the LA Lakers with a compatible internet-connected device. Eligible devices include PC, Mac, iOS or Android mobile devices, as well as Telstra TV, the Google Chromecast, Playstation 4 and more. Foxtel Now can also be renewed month-to-month, requires no set-up fees and can be accessed instantly.

Watch the NBA LIVE – 10 Day FREE trial

Stream the LA Lakers Live and FREE

Alternatively, Kayo Sports has a 14 day free trial for new customers. With the Kayo trial, you will have access to the same NBA broadcasts as Foxtel Now, that’s an average of 7 LIVE Regular Season games per week plus  All-Star Weekend, NBA Playoffs and the Finals LIVE, so you can stream the LA Lakers using compatible mobile devices. Devices include select PC and Macs, iOS and Android phones and tablets, Apple and Telstra TV, Google Chromecast, as well as Safari, Firefox, Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers.

Kayo also has a no lock-in contract or installation fee, which means you can cancel anytime if you’re no longer using it. For fans who want to catch up on the action, Kayo Minis provide 10-20 minute highlights after the close of play. Other game changing features include Interactive Graphics, SplitView, NoSpoilers and Key Moments, which provide highlights throughout the matches in real-time.

Stream the NBA LIVE – 14 Day FREE trial

LA Lakers 2020 Live TV (Sydney time)

Date Event Time Channel
Wed, Oct 7Heat v Lakers (Game 4)LIVE: 12.00pmFoxtel / Kayo
Sat, Oct 10Lakers v Heat (Game 5)LIVE: 12.00pmFoxtel / Kayo
Mon, Oct 12Heat v Lakers (Game 6)LIVE: 10.30amFoxtel / Kayo
Wed, Oct 14Lakers v Heat (Game 7) LIVE: 12.00pmFoxtel / Kayo

Fixtures shown as Sydney time, adjust for regional differences.

Watch every LA Lakers Game 

If you’re a major fan of the NBA and want to watch every minute of every game Stateside, then the NBA League Pass may just be your ideal solution. With the NBA League Pass, you can choose between annual or monthly subscriptions and gain instant access to live games and other NBA related content.

This means, for example, if you would like to watch only the Playoffs, Finals or the All-Star Weekend, you can pay $39.99/month and cancel any time after. You will also get every other game that takes place during this period live and on demand. An annual subscription, that’s every game across the course of the season, including All-Star and pre-season games, is available for $299.99/year.

NBA League Pass can be viewed on a wide range of devices, from PCs and Tablets to Games Consoles and Mobile Phones. You can stream NBA League Pass on up to five devices at once, meaning it’s great if you wish to share the subscription cost with other basketball-loving mates! Still not sure? Check out the NBA League Pass 7 Day Trial.

NBA 2020 Free to Air vs Foxtel/Kayo vs League Pass 

Here we break down the different options between the three main sources of NBA action in Australia so that you can choose what world for you.

Free To AirFoxtel/KayoNBA League Pass
Game Per Season671901,230
On Demand ReplaysNoYesYes
Cost FreeFrom $25/monthFrom $39.99/Month
Free TrialN/A14 Days7 Days

LA Lakers Rivalries

Being one of the most successful teams in your sport means the chances are you have ruined the party for several other sides – this is why the Lakers has many rivals. The Lakers’ biggest rival is easily the Boston Celtics. These two teams have been at the top of the NBA on so many occasions, the two most successful teams in the game, one the best in the West, the other the best in the East. The most memorable era of this rivalry came during the 1980s, when Magic Johnson and Larry Bird were going head-to-head in several finals series. 

From 1999, the Spurs and Lakers have been the two dominant teams in the West Conference, with one of the two advancing through to finals on 11 occasions. This means one of these two has fallen at the final hurdle, usually at the hand of the other, making for a heated battle whenever they meet. Spurs may have had more of the success in recent years, thanks to the likes of Tony Parker and Kawhi Leonard, but that now looks set to change with Lebron’s Lakers.  

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