Get Massive Data and Flexibility with the iPrimus 100GB Plan

iPrimus Best Mobile Bundle Plan

iPrimus Telecom was the first Australian telecommunications company to introduce data plans in Australia in 1997. They supply a wide range of high speed broadband, data, web hosting and VoiP products to the nation’s business and residential sectors.

Today we’re discussing the iPrimus 100 GB bundle, which enables you to get the best value out of your broadband plan, while also giving you the flexibility to change your plan at any time.

What are the Benefits of Choosing iPrimus?

As Australia’s oldest and most reliable service provider, iPrimus puts their customers first, emphasizing high quality service and flexibility. Below is a quick look at some of their best features:

You have complete freedom to change your broadband plan at any time, free of charge. iPrimus also allows you to pause your service for up to four weeks.

Entertainment bundle freebies

iPrimus offers exciting bonuses on their 24-month contracts to give you the most bang for your buck. You could get anything from a set-top box, your choice of premium channel packs or unlimited standard national calls.

Sign up bonuses
There are heaps to go around when you sign up to an iPrimus bundle. Double-data, discounts off your monthly bill, and free calling are just some of the perks they throw in when you join. They even let you claim a free data boost annually if you find your data running low.

Free 30 day cancellation
When you sign up to their Supercharged NBN broadband plan, iPrimus will waive the termination fee if you decide to leave within 30 days of signing up. However, if you do choose to stay with them, the third month is on them — it’s free!

Compare iPrimus Broadband Plans

Discover fast ADSL & NBN broadband + great perks all backed by the iPrimus Network

What Makes the 100GB Bundle the Best?

For $70/month on a 24-month contract, you get 100GB of data on their supercharged NBN 50 connection plus the option to choose between an extra 100GB data per month or unlimited standard calls as an added bonus! With this plan, you’re also eligible for a free modem and no setup fees. However, you’ll just have to shell out $15 for postage and handling.

This plan meets the basic requirements for high speed internet and calls to landline, which are staples in almost every Australian household.

Things You Should Know

Service may not be available in all regions. Even though iPrimus performs preliminary checks to see if the area qualifies for broadband service availability, the type of service (ADSL, ADSL2+, NBN, Fibre) is subject to further qualification checks for availability at your location. In case iPrimus is unable to provide you with all your preferred bundles services, iPrimus will attempt to contact you to go over alternatives first. If they do not manage to get hold of you, the order will be cancelled. Regional ADSL exchanges and Telstra Fibre access areas will incur an additional $30 surcharge.

What’s More!

Bill Pause
One of the coolest features of this bundle is that they can pause your internet for up to four weeks, so you won’t have to pay when you’re on holiday.

Usage Information
You can monitor usage via the iPrimus account toolbox.

Make an Informed Choice

iPrimus is a trusted name in Australia’s telecommunication networks. While the 100GB bundle is an economical choice for nuclear families, if you have greater needs and a bigger budget, there are many other bundles to choose from.


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