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With so many options on the table, selecting the right Internet provider can be a tad tricky. Despite the promises and guarantees, you can only go for one. Certainly, there are several factors to consider and these factors vary depending on what a particular customer needs.

Usually, that is the case – however, iiNet makes it simpler by being straightforward about it. Sign up for their unlimited broadband plan and experience the connection you deserve – and you deserve fast. iiNet’s unlimited broadband plans, which includes Naked DSL, ADSL2+, and NBN, start at $69.99 per month.

For Naked DSL, the $69.99 plan only covers pay as you go calls. For customers who require the inclusion of local and national calls, the next unlimited plan is ideal at $79.99 per month. For ADSL2+, unlimited data starts at $79.99 per month. For local and national call inclusion, customers will find the other unlimited plan offered, which is at $89.99 per month, a value for money.

But if you’re NBN ready and are considering switching to another provider, iiNet’s unlimited NBN plans guarantee solid speed at affordable monthly costs. The telco offers three limitless plans delivering NBN connection. The only difference, of course, is the speed. NBN12 means it provides a basic speed of 9.6 Mbps at $69.99 per month. This is followed by NBN50 (standard plus) offering 46 Mbps at $79.99 per month. iiNet’s highest NBN speed-tier is NBN 100 (premium), delivering a speed of 78.5 Mbps at $99.99 per month.

All NBN plans include pay-as-you-go calls except for NBN50, which offers local and national calls to standard Australian numbers. If you’re not much of an Internet user and doesn’t require unlimited plans, iiNet also offers 500GB plans for all types of connection at $59.99 per month. That’s not all. iiNet’s unlimited plans – all of them- also include Fetch TV for free. And when you sign up for a 24-month plan, the activation fee is waived, saving you $79.95! Plus, you’ll get a new WiFi modem for free.

Fast, Unlimited & Flexible with iPrimus

iPrimus offers reliable NBN speeds and unlimited data from $75/mth. Cancel anytime with no lock-in, plus the option to add Fetch TV and 4G backup modem.

As far as its NBN connection service is concerned, iiNet does an excellent job. Based on the results of the ACCC’s Measuring Broadband Australia Report, the telco stands out in terms of average download speed. Considering iiNet has been in the business since the good old dial-up days, customers can be assured that they’re well-acquainted with everything Internet. Australia’s NBN experts sure know what they’re doing and that pretty much includes providing its over 370,000 customers with the best NBN connection there is.

Here’s a couple of highlights:

Unlimited Internet made better

  • iiNet offers limitless broadband via Naked DSL, ADSL2+, and NBN connection.
  • Unlimited broadband data with the telco starts at $69.99 per month.
  • NBN plans are as follows: Basic (9.6 Mbps), Standard plus (46 Mbps), and Premium (78.5 Mbps).
  • Basic – $69.99/mo; Standard plus – $79.99/mo; Premium – $99.99/mo.
  • Consumers can also opt for the 500GB broadband data for $59.99 per month.

Sign up to iiNet and save big bucks!

  • All of iiNet’s unlimited plans include Fetch TV for free.
  • You even get a new WiFi modem, also for free!
  • Get your activation fee waived and save $79.95 when you sign up for a 24-month plan.
  • Local and national calls are included in select plans.

Who is this deal for?

When it comes to speed, iiNet delivers and do so with affordable broadband plans. From its 500GB and limitless data plans, customers can be assured that they browse, stream, and download/upload with ease. That is why those who are looking for unlimited broadband plans without compromising their budget can be thrilled to learn that iiNet offers exactly that kind of deal. Learn more about iiNet’s Broadband plans and offers to get started.

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