iiNet Offers Big Variety of Discounted NBN Broadband Plans


iiNet Offers Discounted NBN, ADSL2 and Naked DSL


iiNet excels in delivering two things: Internet of topmost speed and value for money quality — and that’s certainly what it looks like with broadband plans that start below $60/mo. And because iiNet offers all kinds of connection, primarily NBN, ADSL2, and Naked DSL, you’ll never have to look somewhere else because it’s all here and for an affordable price.

With Australia’s newest network, the NBN that is, the cheapest plan is $59.99/mo. That includes 500GB data with pay as you go calls and a basic evening speed of 9.6Mbps. The rest of the NBN deals are unlimited plans divided by their speed tiers – basic speed at $69.99/mo, standard plus speed (46Mbps) at $79.99/mo, and the premium speed (78.5Mbps) at $99.99/mo. The unlimited iiNet Broadband plans also have pay as you go calls except for the $79.99 plan, which has local and national calls.

iiNet’s Naked DSL offers worthy inclusions as well, and at reasonable rates. It also offers a 500GB broadband plan for $59.99/mo. Its unlimited data plan comes at $69.99/mo. Both of these plans have pay as you go calls. If you want to include local and standard national calls as well as mobile, the unlimited plan for $79.99/mo is the best option on the table.

Lastly, for the ADSL2 plans, broadband starts from $59.99 per month for 500GB of data. The cost of its unlimited data is a bit higher than the NBN and Naked DSL, starting from $79.99 per month with pay as you go calls. For the inclusion of calls to local, standard national, and mobile numbers, you’ll need to go for the $89.99 plan per month. With ADSL2, however, you can bundle with Home Phone line rental at no extra cost.

Other iiNet Perks and Promos

To spice things up, you can have other inclusions and discounts at your disposal. If you need to make international calls, you only have to add $10 per month to call 20 select international countries. For customers signing on a 24-month contract, your chosen plan includes a free Fetch TV, including a set top box, and a WiFi modem, in case you don’t have one yet.

Get Fetch TV with Aussie Broadband

Stream your favourite shows & movies through one of Australia’s leading broadband providers with Fetch TV. Bundle your internet connection with your own set-top box from as little as $65/mth.

If commitments aren’t your thing, no pressure. You can go for the month-to-month setup for the same monthly fees. You just have to initially shell out $99.95 activation fee for Naked DSL and $79.95 for NBN and ADSL2. But if signing up to a contract doesn’t intimidate you and you need something long-term anyway, iiNet’s 24-month NBN, Naked DSL, and ADSL2 plans are great options especially since accumulating savings is an added fun.

Here’s a couple of highlights:

Solid NBN, ADSL2, & Naked DSL Plans

  • All broadband plans start at $59.99/mo, which includes 500GB data.
  • Unlimited plans start at $69.99/mo except for ADSL2, which starts from $79.99/mo.
  • Locals and standard national calls, as well as calls to mobiles, are available on select plans.
  • Get your setup fees waived if you sign up for 24-month NBN and ADSL2 plans.

Plan Inclusions to Suit Your Every Need

  • Add international calls to your plan for only $10 per month. That’s 20 international countries.
  • Add Fetch TV plus set top box for only $5 per month or get it free if you sign up for 24 mos.
  • You can choose from any Fetch TV packs for only $6 per month – kids, vibe, variety, or knowledge. Or go for the ultimate channel pack for $20 per month.

Who is this deal for?

iiNet’s broadband plans are basically for anyone who want to experience better and faster Internet without compromising their budget. Customers who value flexibility will find the telco’s plan options practical and convenient. There are many options to choose from and each one certainly answers to the customers’ ever-changing needs. Get all the latest from iiNet’s plans and offers now.


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