How this NBA fan found 3 sneaky hacks to Stream the NBA live instantly for Free - Without signing up to annoying pay TV contracts.

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The NBA is heating up nicely and entering the business end of the season, not to mention the upcoming All Star game between Team LeBron and Team Giannis, featuring the ever enthralling slamdunk and 3-point contests from the best ballers on the planet. 

And best of all, Australian basketball fans can gain access to the world’s best league free and above board, all without the worry of cash sapping long term contracts, and here I’m going to show you how!

The NBA can be an expensive watch

I like many Australian’s became super frustrated with the thought of paying through the teeth for channels I don’t need, just to watch NBA. Not only was I tied into a 12 month contract to watch a nine month season, but I had to pay for Foxtel Plus, a load of channels I would never watch, just to get access to the sports bundle. I was paying $59.20 a month which seemed steep considering I only really wanted to watch NBA. But as the streaming world has become more competitive, I’ve found some great ways to watch it on the cheap, and even for free, and here I am going to explain how.  

Finally! How to Stream the NBA live instantly for Free

If you don’t know much about the NBA then you’re missing out on one of the best, most end-to-end, high points scoring sports on the planet, with games taking place virtually every day across a season that runs from October right through to June. As recently as two years ago you had to be signed up to a long term, costly contract to access games in Australia, but as the streaming market has exploded, and Sports broadcasters wrestle for our hard-earned cash, watching NBA has just become easier, cheaper, and in a lot of cases absolutely free! So how do you get your piece of the action and see the likes of Lebron James, Steph Curry and James Harden for free?  

How to Stream NBA with SBS

For the 2019/20 season, free to air broadcaster SBS has two games a week to watch either live or on their on demand platform. This is all good and is obviously a plus, but when you consider that all 30 teams in the NBA play a minimum of 82 games per season, it’s a pretty small number of key games, but most importantly, free!

How to stream NBA free with Kayo

Now this is where things start to get a little more interesting. Kayo Sports have all the same channels we would get with a standard Foxel TV Sports package, which in NBA terms is seven regular season games a week, including the All-Star game (Feb 17, 2020), playoff games (April 2020), conference finals (May 2020) and the all important NBA final (June 5th). Kayo Sports offers a free 14 day trial, meaning that at a point of your choosing, throughout the season, you can get free access to a whole two weeks of NBA action. And unlike its competitors, Kayo has a wealth of handy viewing features made for proper sports fans meaning you can even watch multiple sports at once. These include –

  • SplitView: Stream up to 4 games at once in real time
  • Key Moments: Jump straight to the events that changed the course of the game
  • Kayo Minis: Bite-sized replays bringing you all the action in a few minutes
  • Interactive Graphics: Get detailed insight into the game with exclusive statistics
  • No Spoilers! Hides all scores so you can stream a replay as if it were happening live
  • Search: Type in what you’re looking for and go straight to your favourite sports
  • Interactive Stats: Get live analysis and key stats on the biggest sports
  • On-demand: Match replays, popular sport docos and other shows whenever and wherever
  • Multiple Cameras: Watch multiple different camera feeds on demand, even on the same screen, with select events

With Kayo, if timed right, you could watch all playoff series live games for free, or the All Star game and the following 10 days of fixtures. Whats’s even better, a cancel at any time contract will only set you back $25 every calendar month thereafter, small change compared to Foxtel TV. That is unless, you don’t want to try out another free option before! Read on… 

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How To Stream NBA free with Foxtel Now

Foxtel Now has been launched by Foxtel to take away the complications of their TV contracts and allow us to stream tailored content whether we’re at home on our PCs or on a mobile tablet or smartphone. The Foxtel Now Sports pack, like Kayo, offers all of the Foxtel Sports channels from Fox League and Fox Footy to ESPN and beIN, and yes, you can take advantage of a 10 day free trial! If you decide to go ahead and keep Foxtel Now thereafter to access the 50 sports, including NBL basketball available on the platform, it will only cost $25 per month, and again, it’s a cancel at any time agreement leaving us free to watch our favourite sports as and when we want.   

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NBA Fixtures

So if you’re in Australia and you want to watch all the best NBA game free for up to 24 days, take advantage of these great free offers. Why wouldn’t you, it’s exactly what they are made for! Check out the upcoming fixtures below.

Date Event Time Channel
Wednesday 12 February Clippers @ 76ers 11.00am Foxtel / Kayo
Wednesday 12 February Celtics @ Rockets 1.30pm Foxtel / Kayo
Thursday 13 February Hawks @ Cavs 11.00am SBS
Thursday 13 February Bucks @ Pacers 11.30am Foxtel / Kayo
Thursday 13 February Lakers @ Nuggets 2.00pm Foxtel / Kayo
Friday 14 February Clippers @ Celtics 12.00pm Foxtel / Kayo
Saturday 15 FebruaryAll Star Celebrity Game11.00amFoxtel / Kayo
Sunday 16 FebruaryAll Star Saturday Night (3 point & Dunk)12.00pmFoxtel / Kayo
Monday 17 February All Star Game12.00pm Foxtel / Kayo

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