hayu Reality TV Streaming: Free Trial Plus More Ways to Watch!

Reality television has taken the world by storm and it’s impossible to deny just how addictive watching these shows can get. If you’ve already been bitten by the reality TV bug, then you should know by now that hayu is your one-stop destination to satisfy your cravings for the juiciest and craziest reality shows on TV.


From Keeping Up With the Kardashians (now on their 15th season!) to the Real Housewives franchise, as well as other riveting documentaries such as Citizen Rose and Deadly Power, hayu’s got you covered with the latest and hottest reality shows that have ever graced television — all available for you to stream wherever you are and whenever you want.

So how can you get started on streaming your favorite reality shows? Here’s how you can access hayu on your devices at home — given that you’ve already signed up and subscribed to their services!

Get hayu’s free trial offer!

Start streaming the hottest reality shows on TV with new releases express from the US with hayu’s free trial offer. Only pay $6.99 thereafter.


If you’re watching on your desktop or laptop, you can access your favorite shows simply by going to hayu’s website — pretty similar to how it is with Netflix as well. hayu works best using a Chrome browser but is unfortunately not supported by Firefox just yet. You also have to make sure that your browser allows a flash plugin, as well as a Silverlight plugin. To start watching, all you need to do is sign in with your credentials and start streaming straight from your browser!

Also make sure that your Mac is running OSX 10.10 or above, and that your Windows is running 8.1 or above in order to access hayu.

iOS/Android Devices

Looking to watch shows on hayu while you’re on the go? Just download the hayu app via the App Store for iOS devices (e.g., iPhone, iPad) and through the Google Play Store for Android devices (e.g., Samsung, Pixel). Simply login with your account to start streaming whenever and wherever — and as a bonus, you can even download up to 25 episodes to watch offline as well!

Do take note that hayu works best with Apple devices running iOS10 or above. If you’re still on iOS9, chances are you may still be able to use the app but will not see any updates from hayu in the future.

For Android users, hayu has released a “‘lite”’ version of the app for lower spec Android devices. This version will be automatically downloaded on selected devices, and will still give you the same shows and episodes as the full version of their app but with the right reliability and responsiveness of your specific Android device.

The full version of the app will work best with Android devices running 4.4 operating system and above. One thing Android users have to be reminded of is that not all devices are created the same, even though they run on the same 4.4 OS, especially when it comes to streaming quality. Therefore, the most recent higher end models like the Samsung Galaxy S would be better in handling high quality streaming for videos compared to their more affordable counterparts.

Best Hardware Deals for Streaming TV

DeviceReviewPriceMore Information
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Google Chromecast UltraRead Review$114.95Buy Now
Fire TV Stick and Voice RemoteRead Review$59Buy Now
Fetch TV BoxRead Review$299Buy Now

Last audited 5 October 2020

Apple TV

Good news for Apple TV users, hayu is now available for the newer 4th generation model of Apple TV. The downside is, you won’t see hayu popping up anywhere on your Apple TV if you still have the 2nd or 3rd generation models.

Fetch TV

You can also watch the latest episodes of your favorite shows on your Fetch devices, including the Fetch Mini and Fetch Mighty. Simply enter your login credentials into the app and off you go binge-watching the latest season of Real Housewives.

Telstra TV

Telstra TV also gives you access to hayu, alongside other big-league streaming providers such as Stan, BigPond Movies, Netflix and Foxtel Now. And as a bonus for new hayu subscribers, you can also get three months unlimited access for free upon activation of your Telstra TV.

Google Chromecast

If you’re looking for more ways to watch your beloved favorite shows on the big screen, you can also use Chromecast. The hayu app can support streaming of content via Chromecast or Airplay onto your TV.

Amazon Fire TV/Amazon Kindle Fire

With the official launch of Amazon Prime in Australia, you can now also watch hayu via Amazon Fire TV and Kindle Fire. Just make sure to use your Amazon Channels details to download the hayu app, and then proceed to enter your hayu login details to start watching.

Start Your hayu Free Trial Now!

Don’t get left behind with all the juicy drama and happenings from reality TV shows, subscribe now to get access to hayu’s extensive library of shows, complete seasons, and the latest episodes express from the US!

hayu offers a free trial, which you can cancel anytime — but why would you? It’s your one-stop source for anything reality television and you can bet that their offerings just get better and better each month.

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