hayu Offers a Dose of Reality - From True Crime to The Kardashians!


Keeping Up With the Kardashians on Hayu


Calling all fans of reality TV shows, hayu has racked up their list of reality shows that you can watch whenever and wherever. From wanting to keep up with your favourite Kardashians to getting inside the mind of serial killers or perhaps even going behind the scenes of what it takes to be groomed into being a supermodel a la Hadid, hayu delivers with much juicier reality shows than ever.


Whether you’re a downright loud and proud fan or a closeted one of reality television, you’ll find maximum satisfaction to your guilty pleasure with hayu. And this time around, they’ve racked up their list of reality TV shows–with “over 4000 episodes” and  for you to binge watch on wherever you go and whenever you want to.

It’s time to admit that we just can’t get enough of watching some real-life drama brought to us by our favourite families, couples, friends, and frenemies. Even if you compare hayu to other online platforms, you’ll find that there’s no one more adept in delivering sheer reality TV heaven. With shows such as Keeping Up With the Kardashians, The Real Housewives of Atlanta, and Jersey Shore within their arsenal, you’ll most probably want to just stay in during the weekends to binge watch in your pyjamas all day long, thanks to hayu reality TV.

However, it’s not just about family drama that hayu offers when it comes to their reality TV show listings. This time around, hayu is also heavily promoting their documentary features including the controversial Dahmer on Dahmer, which you can now stream or download using the hayu app. There’s also the show, Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry, which is now on its third season and getting more popular for both believers and cynics alike.

Of course, those shows are just tip of the iceberg. If you just can’t let go of your addiction to reality TV, then you better sign up with hayu to get your fix. Good news for new subscribers, hayu offers first 30 days completely free of charge and you can use that time to stream and download as many shows as you want, so don’t miss out!

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