The Mysteries of Laura, Starring Debra Messing, to Premiere on Nine

On the lookout for a new series? Emmy Award winner Debra Messing stars as Laura Diamond in The Mysteries of Laura, where she plays a brilliant detective whose life is spiraling out of control. The show is scheduled to premiere next week on Nine.

In Mysteries of Laura, Messing plays an honourable homicide cop in New York working alongside her partner Billy Soto, who has her back in every situation on and off-duty. She’s a busy detective and an even busier mom – behind the scenes Laura is a dishevelled mother of twins, newly separated from her soon-to-be ex-husband, Detective Jake Broderick.


Episode one is a dramatic yet comical portrayal of a woman’s balancing act between a stellar ability to catch dangerous criminals while juggling her less-than-law abiding twins. Kicked out of pre-school for painting the classroom and each other red, Laura must find another school for them while trying to catch a killer who has struck right under her nose.

In episode two, Laura and Jake are finalising their divorce. A case involving an online hook-up that ends in murder encourages Detective Diamond to set up a profile to investigate it, using herself to bait the killer… as she also considers the online dating scene to help her through the divorce.

The Mysteries of Laura is created by Jeff Rake (Boston Legal) and directed by Joseph McGinty “McG” Nicol (Supernatural). Double episodes begin Wednesday, July 29, at 8:40 pm on Channel Nine. Will you tune in?


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