Watch or Stream the 2019 Ashes Cricket Free on Australian TV

The Ashes 2019

The greatest contest in test cricket – and one of the greatest sporting rivalries of all time – is on again, with the 2019 Ashes test series underway in England. Make no mistake, the home team has a hunger to win this year, with the tally after 70 Ashes series putting Australia at 33 wins and England just under at 32. However, Australia is eager to atone for their World Cup disappointment and a victory here could go a long way. While the outcome is up for grabs there’s no doubting this is must see TV, and you won’t have to miss a key moment when streaming the action using the options listed below.

How to Stream the 2019 Ashes – Live and Free

The great thing about the Ashes in 2019 for TV viewers is that the coverage in Australia is completely free. The entire series has been secured by the Nine network, with every test broadcast live either on Nine’s main channel or on 9 GEM, which has been freshly upgraded to HD for the occasion. However, you don’t need to be in front of a TV to watch the Ashes in crisp HD quality – because Nine is streaming each and every game in full HD on its 9Now streaming service, which is completely free to use. All you need to get streaming is to sign up for a free account (you can sign in with your Facebook account if you have one to make it even easier) and you’re good to go on multiple devices – no matter what you’ve got, if it’s got a screen on it you can probably stream the Ashes on it!

So if you’ve been wondering if it’s possible to stream the Ashes for the second test and onwards, don’t worry – it’s free, it’s easy, and here’s how to do it on some of the most popular streaming devices you’ll use.

Stream the Ashes with an Apple TV

If you’ve got one of the current models of Apple TV – either the HD or 4K versions from the past five years – then streaming the Ashes is incredibly easy. All you need to do is load up the App Store from the Apple TV interface, search for the 9now app (or find it in the “Top Apps” section where it always rates in the top 10) and download it. Then run the app and you’ll be presented with a screen giving you instructions for signing in – a web page address and a code. All you need to do then is head to the web site, sign in (or make a free account if you don’t already have one) then type in the code, and your Apple TV will automatically be activated for 9now. From there, head to the sports section – or just select the prominent banners you’ll see for the Ashes once the match starts.

Stream the Ashes with a Smart TV

If you’ve got one of the major brands of smart TV – Sony, LG, or Samsung – you’ll already have access to apps for the free-to-air channels, including the 9now app. If not, you’ll be able to download it easily from the TV’s app store (sometimes known by other names, such as “Content Store” or “marketplace”) at no cost. If your TV isn’t one of those brands or doesn’t have a dedicated app store, though, don’t worry – just turn it on and go to a Nine network channel and as long as the TV supports Freeview Plus, you’ll see a slide-in banner near the top of the screen that tells you to press one of the colour buttons on the remote to access 9now. Whichever way you get there, once you’re loaded in you’ll just need to grab the code displayed on the screen and enter it on the 9now web site after signing in – and after that, your smart TV is activated and Ashes-ready!

Stream the Ashes with Telstra TV

Unlike the other dedicated devices, on Telstra TV you already have 9now pre-installed and ready to go – but you’ll still need to get your app activated for use with your 9now account. Again, it’s simple and fast to do – just load up the app, head to the activation web page mentioned on-screen, and punch in the code you’re seeing displayed by the app on your Telstra TV. Within seconds, remote magic will happen, and your Telstra TV will be ready to stream the Ashes on 9now.

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Stream the Ashes with your Phone or Tablet

If you’re not able to be home when the next Ashes test is played – or, more likely, if you’re going to be lying in bed for much of it because of the hours it’s played – then streaming the Ashes on your phone or tablet makes for the perfect relaxing way to chill before sleep. You’ll find apps for 9now on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store for pretty much all current phones and tablets – iPhones, iPads, Android phones and the various flavours of Android tablet. For iOS devices, you’ll need to be running iOS 10 or higher, while for Android you’ll need version 5.0 or higher to use the 9now app. But it’s super-easy to use – sign into your account (you can create a new one if needed, or automatically sign in via Facebook) and you’re ready to stream.

Stream the Ashes with Fetch TV

If you’ve got a Fetch TV you can hop straight into the 9now app that’s all ready to go on the device, and then activate the app by entering the code displayed on screen into the 9now web site. But to make things even easier, if you’ve got an iPhone you can just load up the app on your phone, go to the “activate device” section and choose your Fetch TV – and within seconds, you’ll be up and live-streaming on the big screen.

Stream the Ashes on your Game Console

If you’re one of the millions that have a Playstation 4 at home, it doesn’t matter what kind of smart TV you’ve got or whether you have any extra streaming devices – that game console is one of the most powerful streaming tools around, and you can easily get your Ashes fix in HD just by grabbing the 9now app from the PS4’s “TV” section. Simply navigate across past your games until you see the TV icon, select it then grab the 9now app from the options you see at the top of the screen. Then load it up, start streaming a show or live channel and you’ll be given a code to enter into the 9now web site to activate the PS4. With that done, you’re ready to roll with HD Ashes live streaming right there at your command whenever you’re not playing games of your own!

Stream the Ashes on your Chromecast

Of course, if you are one of the millions of Google Chromecast owners, you’re not left out – because naturally, 9now and its live streaming is fully compatible with Chromecast. Just follow the tips above to get the app for your iOS or Android phone or tablet, then load it up, sign in and hit that familiar Chromecast icon to pick your display of choice. It works just as well with live streams like the Ashes as it does with everything else.

2019 Ashes LIVE Stream TV Fixtures (AEST)

For the 2019 Ashes test series, matches are being played across five of England’s most hallowed cricket grounds: Edgbaston, Lord’s, Headingley, Old Trafford and The Oval.

Date Event Time Channel
Thurs Aug 1 – Monday Aug 5 LIVE: England v Australia Test 1 8.00pm Nine / 9Now
Wed Aug 14 – Sunday Aug 18 LIVE: England v Australia Test 2 8.00pm Nine / 9Now
Thurs Aug 22 – Monday Aug 26 LIVE: England v Australia Test 3 8.00pm Nine / 9Now
Wed Sept 4 – Sunday Sept 8 LIVE: England v Australia Test 4 8.00pm Nine / 9Now
Sunday Sept 12 – Mon Sept 16 LIVE: England v Australia Test 5 8.00pm Nine / 9Now

Each day of each match’s play starts streaming and broadcasting in Australia at around 10 pm AEST on the above dates, running through to about 3.30am AEST.

Recording the Ashes

Remember that if you’ve got a Foxtel satellite iQ3 or iQ4 box – or a Fetch TV box – you can easily set a recording for each day’s play for every upcoming Ashes test match so you can watch it once you’ve had a good night’s sleep! Unlike most major sporting events, the Ashes are exclusive to Nine in Australia, so the matches won’t be available to stream the next day on Kayo Sports. But using one of the devices we’ve mentioned above you’ll easily be able to stream the Ashes live – and 9now has the previous day’s play available to stream, along with a quick highlights package if you can’t make it all the way through the night until stumps!

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