Seven's Restaurant Revolution and Nine's The Hotplate to Air at the Same Time

What do you get when you pit two similar shows against each other? A whole lot of competition. Seven’s Restaurant Revolution and Nine’s The Hotplate are scheduled to air at the same time on Tuesday nights, which means they will have to share the audience. The winner? Weirdly enough, it might just be MasterChef, since the series has improved markedly this year.

Seven’s Restaurant Revolution and Nine’s The Hotplate will be pitted against each other on Tuesday night, which will force fans of the genre to choose of these shows to watch live. According to The Age, that recently published an article about the scheduling conflict, airing the two shows at the same time creates a problem from an investment perspective, since the market is so volatile. Both shows have great potential and the ability to draw a large audience, so it remains to be seen which one will manage to attract a larger viewership.


“I’m not sure that the market is in a place right now, after a challenging first half of the year, where a head-to-head strategy is the best position for consumers, audiences, agencies and clients alike,” Andy Taylor, Starcom MediaVest national investment director, told the website.

This isn’t the first time the two networks screen similar shows on the same time slot. It also happened with Nine’s Reno Rumble and Seven’s House Rules, both renovation shows, which split audiences.

“We are disappointed Seven have decided to schedule their restaurant series directly against ours – as you know we released our launch date over a week before they decided where to put their show. They have also since changed their scheduling plans to ensure the two series are directly head to head,” a Nine’s spokesperson told The Age. At the same time, Seven fired back: “On Hotplate, it appears, looking at its promotion, that we were able to help Nine with their promo concepts, but we draw the line at actually producing their show for them.”

The scheduling choices seemed to have been highly beneficial for Ten’s MasterChef, since the series’ audience was up by 16 percent. MasterChef was running up against Reno Rumble until late June and House Rules until last week.

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