Oz Lotto and Powerball Australia Live Results

Oz Lotto and Powerball Results Guide

The Oz Lotto and Powerball lottery draws have produced some of the biggest single win jackpots in Australia for the past 25 years, the most recent of which was a huge $150 million in September. With these games continuously producing instant millionaires, you’ll want to make sure you don’t miss out on your chance to hit the rich list!

But how do you play, how much money is up for grabs each week and what are those all-important winning numbers? The answer is right here. Every week we will have a comprehensive list of results as soon as they happen, allowing you to find out whether or not you have become Australia’s newest millionaire! Simply check out our results table below.

How to Play the Powerball and Oz Lotto

Playing a single game of Powerball costs just $1.05, and requires you to select seven main numbers between 1 and 40 and one Powerball number between 1 and 20. The draw itself sees balls drawn from two separate barrels, the first of which contains the main numbers with the other containing the Powerball. Selecting the Powerball is necessary to win the top draw, though you can win Divisions two, four and seven without it, provided you pick at least five of the main numbers.

An Oz Lotto ticket costs $1.30. In this game, nine numbers between 1-45 are chosen randomly. The first seven balls are “winning numbers”, which your ticket will need to match in order to take home the overall jackpot. A further two “supplementary numbers” are drawn to help determine division 2 to 7 winners, with prizes varying from tens to thousands of dollars. To play you can simply go to an official Lotto Store, play online or download the Lott App. You can choose your own numbers or have them chosen for you at random.

Once you have your ticket, check out our weekly results to see if you have won! Winning can be claimed through the store where you bought your ticket for smaller amounts, and directly Powerball and Oz Lotto providers for bigger jackpots.

Tonight’s results for Draw

Latest Results for Oz Lotto and Powerball

It’s not always easy keeping on top of lotto draws when they take place twice a week. So, to make things easier we have provided a comprehensive list of the past 10 weeks draws which will be updated, right here, on a weekly basis. Do you have a golden ticket? Remember, you can also win smaller divisional prizes on both lottery draws. Oz Lotto prizes start from matching four numbers, whilst you can grab a few dollars by getting three Powerball numbers correct.

Previous Oz Lotto Results

Oz Lotto Results Date Amount + 16.108/10/19$50,000,000 (Rollover) + 21.221/10/19$25,000,000 (Rollover) + 1.3924/09/19$15,000,000 (Rollover) + 25.32 17/09/19 $10,000,000 (Rollover) + 15.29 10/09/19 $5,000,000 (Rollover)
6-13-23-27-38-39-44 + 2-7 03/09/19 $2,000,000 (Rollover)
7-20-22-27-29-32-40 + 25-33 27/08/19 $10,000,000 
1-5-7-16-37-41-43 + 10-20 20/08/19 $5,000,000 (Rollover)
1-7-11-14-18-21-27 + 35-36 13/08/19 $2,000,000 (Rollover)
13-15-19-24-32-37-45+23+28 06/08/19 $40,000,000 
5-11-21-23-27-30-34+40-42 30/07/19 $25,000,000 (Rollover)
4-9-15-23-25-30-37+24-42 23/07/19 $15,000,000 (Rollover)
5-8-14-22-31-32-37+10-23 16/07/19 $10,000,000 (Rollover)

Previous Powerball Results

Powerball Results Date Amount
28,11,27,16,6,3,35 & 1010/10/19$12,000,000 (Rollover)
2,15,20,29,22,25,11 & 33/10/19$8,000,000 (Rollover)
33,30,25,26,22,9,27 & 1926/09/19$3,000,000 (Rollover)
4,5,8,17,18,26,31 & 9 19/09/19 $150,000,000
10,11,20,27,28,30,31 & 2 12/09/19 $100,000,000 (Rollover)
2,4,14,16,19,27,29 & 13 05/09/19 $80,000,000 (Rollover)
8,9,11,20,22,27,32 & 20 29/08/19 $40,000,000 (Rollover)
3,7,10,11,17,26,35 & 19 15/08/19 $20,000,000 (Rollover)
1,5,11,16,17,29,30 & 8 08/08/19 $12,000,000 (Rollover)
9,15,22,23,25,30,35 & 6 01/08/19 $8,000,000 (Rollover)
1,3,9,11,22,23,24 & 4 25/07/19 $3,000,000 (Rollover)
1,6,11,13,16,23,27 & 11 18/07/19 $110,000,000 
21,27,8,6,28,34,7 & 16 11/07/19 $80,000,000 (Rollover)

What are the biggest draws in Australian history?

There have been some truly staggering amounts of money won since 1994 when the Oz Lotto became the first fully national lottery draw in Australia. Powerball joined the party in 1996 and prizes have just gotten bigger and bigger since. In January 2019 one single Powerball winner took home $110 million, a record for an Australian lottery. Whilst only this September, three lucky Powerball winners shared a pot of $150 million, an eye-watering sum never previously seen. Below you can check out some of the biggest winning totals in the past five years.

$60 million (2015) Oz Lotto
$100 million (2012) Oz Lotto
$100 million (2018) Powerball
$100 million (2019) Powerball
$150 million (2019) Powerball

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How to Watch the Powerball and Oz Lotto Draw Live

The draws take place every Tuesday (Oz Lotto) and Thursday (Powerball) evening at 8:30 pm AEST/9:30 pm AEDT. The simplest way to find out if you’re a winner is to tune in live to the Powerball draw free to air broadcaster on 7TWO, though plenty of other options exist. You can check in-store at the self-service checker or by asking the retailer to check results, or you can have results emailed to you if you have an account with the Lott. If you’re a Tatts Card promotion member you’ll receive a notification if you win, or you can download the Lott App — available for iOS and Android — and scan your ticket.