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Legends of Tomorrow

Watching DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Online, Made Easy

The time-traveling superheroes – and antiheroes – are back with a new mission on hand after that wild season 3 finale that saw the Legends defeating the terrifying demon Mallus. But it seems that their victory comes at a price — and with some notable consequences — with what’s at stake this time around.

As it turns out, the barrier between worlds has weakened when the Legends released and defeated Mallus. This weakening resulted in the “Fugitives” infecting history. What makes it even worse is that the said “Fugitives” are comprised of magical creatures, from legends, myths, and fairytales — all of whom were banished from this world, but are now able to return. What can the Legends do to correct this mistake? Find out by tuning into new episodes on FOX8 every Tuesday and make sure not to miss the season 4 finale on May 21, at 8:30 pm AEST available only on Foxtel.

Stream DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Direct to Your Device!

Foxtel Now gives you access to FOX8 channel — home of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow — streamed live via the internet. You can stream DCs Legends of Tomorrow live on your PC or Mac, on mobile devices, Telstra TV, PS4, and Chromecast. Moreover, the previous Foxtel Now app is still available on Xbox game consoles and on selected Smart TVs. It’s as simple as signing up and getting started — there’s no wait for installation.

You can watch DC’s Legends of Tomorrow on FOX8, which is part of the Essentials entry pack, priced at $25/month, Alternatively, you can splurge and get more of your favourite drama shows by also subscribing to the premium Drama pack for an additional $10/month. Best of all, Foxtel Now is offering new subscribers a free 10-day trial, which unlocks everything the online streaming service has to offer!

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Fast-tracked DC’s Legends of Tomorrow — The Schedule

Episode 1 of season 4 kicked off last year, Tuesday October 23, with Fox8 screening it at the express from the US – which means 8:30 pm Sydney time.

Season 4 will have 16 episodes in total, screening live weekly each and every Tuesday in Australia at 8:30 pm (AEST), with replays throughout the week until the season reaches its finale on May 21, and is not available on free to air. Check out the live airing schedule below of all episodes of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow season 4:

  • Episode 1: Tues 23 Oct 8:30pm (FOX8)
  • Episode 2: Tues 30 Oct 8:30pm (FOX8)
  • Episode 3 : Tues 6 Nov 8:30pm (FOX8)
  • Episode 4: Tues 13 Nov 8:30pm (FOX8)
  • Episode 5: Tues 20 Nov 8:30pm (FOX8)
  • Episode 6: Tues 27 Nov 8:30pm (FOX8)
  • Episode 7: Tues 4 Dec 8:30pm (FOX8)
  • Episode 8: Tues 11 Dec 8:30pm (FOX8)
  • Episode 9: Tues 2 Apr 8:30pm (FOX8)
  • Episode 10: Tues 9 Apr 8:30pm (FOX8)
  • Episode 11: Tues 16 Apr 8:30pm (FOX8)
  • Episode 12: Tues 23 Apr 8:30pm (FOX8)
  • Episode 13: Tues 30 Apr 8:30pm (FOX8)
  • Episode 14: Tues 7 May 8:30pm (FOX8)
  • Episode 15: Tues 14 May 8:30pm (FOX8)
  • Episode 16: Tues 21 May 8:30pm (FOX8)

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Replays

Don’t worry if you missed the live airing of the latest episodes of Legends of Tomorrow because you can easily tune in to several replays on Foxtel, as well as on demand availability on Foxtel Now. Check out the replay schedule of episode 13 below for the week of April 29:

  • 208 FOX8 HD Tue 30 Apr 8:30pm – 9:30pm
  • 108 FOX8 Tue 30 Apr 8:30pm – 9:30pm
  • 153 FOX8 +2 Tue 30 Apr 10:30pm – 11:30pm
  • 108 FOX8 Wed 1 May 1:55am – 2:45am
  • 208 FOX8 HD Wed 1 May 1:55am – 2:45am
  • 153 FOX8 +2 Wed 1 May 3:55am – 4:45am

Streaming on Mobile — Portable Arrowverse!

If you decide to watch DC’s Legends of Tomorrow via a traditional Foxtel subscription, you will get free access to Foxtel Go app. This is an app available for your iPhone, iPad or Android devices, as well as laptops, which lets you stream the Foxtel channels you have access to anywhere you are. Meaning that if you want to put the airbuds in, take an early lunch break and catch the live screening of each new episode of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, you can — anywhere you have mobile or Wi-Fi coverage.

The app includes access to Foxtel On Demand, which lets you stream past episodes of your channels’ shows wherever you like. There’s no need to worry about having to be in front of the screen at the right time — you can stream each episode whenever it suits you. DC’s Legends of Tomorrow in bed? Sounds great to us!

The app includes access to Foxtel On Demand, which lets you stream past episodes. As for Foxtel Now, the app is already available on mobile devices, so you can get your mobile stream on as soon as your account is setup. You can also watch previous seasons on demand anytime.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Season 4 On Demand

Foxtel subscriber? Download the free Foxtel Go app on your mobile streaming device. Then, sign in with your Foxtel ID and access On Demand on the home screen menu. You can start watching instantly on your smartphone, laptop, or tablet.

Foxtel Now enthusiast? Simply access the On Demand section of the app and look for DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. Season 3 episodes are available, as well as previous episodes from seasons 1 and 2.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Live Streaming and a Free Trial

While you won’t find DC’s Legends of Tomorrow on Free to Air TV, Foxtel will broadcast every episode of season 4 live as it happens, while also providing DC’s Legends of Tomorrow replays for fans who find them more convenient.

So if you’re a resident of Australia, you may wish to consider Foxtel Now’s 10 day free live TV trial using the Essentials Pack, which includes FOX8, the home of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, and will telecast each and every episode online — as well as offering live streaming to eligible mobile devices within minutes of getting started.