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The Walking Dead Season 7
The Walking Dead Season 7. Photo: Foxtel

Zombies have been big business for the movie and TV industries over the past decade or so – but there’s one venture into the zombie world that stands head and shoulders above the rest. Critics and viewers absolutely loved The Walking Dead from the very first episode in 2010.

For once, here was an apocalyptic zombie thriller that actually took itself seriously, rather than going for cheap scares and half-baked comedy. The show opened with one of the main characters waking up in a changed world, confused and alone, and having to figure out what happened while learning how to survive. Brutal, desolate and cinematic, the opening episode set the tone for a series that would run for years, and even spawn an acclaimed video game based on the zombie world.

Where Can I Watch The Walking Dead Season 8 in Australia?

Season 8 of The Walking Dead kicks off October 27 and will be available first on Foxtel. So the only way to watch the show live legally is to get a Foxtel subscription or try the Foxtel Now service. The series won’t be available on Free-to-air or other streaming services. You can wait until new episodes hit digital retailers, but you don’t want to be spoiled! With Foxtel, you get to see it the same time the rest of the world does.

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Why You Need to Watch The Walking Dead

You might think you’ve seen enough zombie shows and movies to last you a lifetime. Trust us; if you haven’t caught The Walking Dead, you’re missing something completely unique. It was based on a comic book series from 2003 that’s still in print today – and like many recent comic book adaptations, it took the source material very seriously. The show was produced for cable TV in the US from the same network that brought us Mad Men and Breaking Bad – they didn’t need to pander to a mass audience. The main creative force behind the show is Frank Darabont, Oscar-nominated director of The Shawshank Redemption and The Green Mile.

The Walking Dead is about the ordinary people of zombie world and how they react to the unimaginable. It’s made all the more believable thanks to the casting of unfamiliar actors – no gossip-page faces to break the immersion of the unfolding story.

It also doesn’t pull punches when it comes to the harsh realities of its world – this is a show that’s often incredibly brutal and violent, but not in a cheesy horror-movie way. Ultimately, it’s a show about survival, with the human spirit, family and friendship taking centre stage. It’s resonated with a huge audience. Year after year, ratings for the show are massive, and with the quality level remaining high, it’s no doubt got many more years to run yet.

The Critics Say The Walking Dead is Must-See TV

The Walking Dead has gathered a huge amount of critical acclaim since it premiered, and this continues. TV critics are notoriously harsh on shows of this type. You can trust there’s something special going on with this one when some of the most respected publications have given the show an enthusiastic thumbs-up.

“…dark gem of a show” – Miami Herald

“…packs a raw, emotional punch” – TV Guide

“…most breathtaking in its small moments, in which the pain and glory of being human are conveyed with only the flick of a filmmaking wrist” – Wall Street Journal

“…surprisingly scary and remarkably good” – New York Times

New to the show? Foxtel Now has you covered!

The Walking Dead on Foxtel Play

With so many episodes under its belt, a new season of The Walking Dead might have you interested but thinking, ‘well, I’ve missed it all so far, how am I ever going to figure out what’s going on?’ Foxtel Now has an easy solution with their On Demand section. Stream every episode from the start and watch whenever you’re in the mood for a solid binge session.

When the new season premieres, you can stream it in high definition on PCs/Macs, mobile devices, Telstra TV, Chromecast and PS4. The Walking Dead airs on FX, which is part of the Pop pack. It costs only $15/month and you can cancel your subscription anytime.

Watch The Walking Dead Season 8 for Free with Foxtel Now

Get started today on the epic show The Walking Dead completely free. Foxtel Now has a two-week free trial for new customers. This gives you everything they have to offer; including the On Demand section. If a fortnight bingeing on the entire history of The Walking Dead sounds like a plan, sign up now for free before the new episodes air!

Alongside The Walking Dead, Foxtel Now gives you access to everything Foxtel has up its sleeve. The new low pricing means you can connect to multiple channels of high quality streaming TV for as little as $10/month, with the two drama packs now bargain-priced at $15 each or $25 for both. Check out our Foxtel Now review for all the details!