Suits Season 9 Streams Live July in Australia


Suits takes its last bow with its final season and with one special guest appearance. Mark you calendars for the ninth season of Suits airing in July with Patrick J. Adams making his return appearance as Mike, after he and Meghan Markle left the show last season. Everything comes to a close as Harvey, Donna, Louis, and the rest of the gang bid farewell in their final 10-episode season coming to Foxtel.

Where to Watch Suits in Australia

After eight seasons consisting of 124 episodes in total, loyal ‘Suitors’ finally saw Harvey and Donna go there at the end of season 8. It’s been a long will-they or won’t-they ride for these partners in crime (or law?) and it’s about time that they actually consider taking it to the next level once and for all. Of course, that’s not the only thing that loyal fans and viewers can look forward to. Here’s a teaser of what’s to come when the ninth and final season of Suits premieres July 18 on Foxtel’s Universal.

Suits Season 9 TV Preview

Aside from that steamy Darvey union at the finale, there’s also a lot on the line for Harvey with Robert Zane taking the fall to save him. But regardless of Zane’s heroic act, it seems as though the bar is still going for the law firm, which may not really come as a surprise to Harvey anymore.

For the next season, Patrick J. Adams is said to make his return as Mike Ross for a special episode, in which his character ends up getting embroiled in a case against Harvey and Samantha (played by Katherine Heigl). There will surely be a ton of fun and emotional scenes when Harvey and Mike come together — or against each other — in this one episode of the season. Other characters joining in the finale is Faye Richardson, played by actress Denise Crosby, who will be the no-nonsense representative of the New York Bar Association and will probably be the one to deliver the bad news to Harvey early in the season.

How to watch the first 8 seasons of Suits

Looking for options on how to watch the first 8 seasons of Suits?

It’s been a rather eventful past eight seasons on Suits, so in preparation for the finale, you may want to relive it all over again in order to brush up your knowledge and familiarity with the storylines and characters from the previous seasons.

The good news is, you can easily catch up on past episodes from the previous seasons across a number of providers in Australia. For starters, Foxtel airs Suits replays, which you can access once you’re subscribed to the base Entertainment pack. for only $29/mth. This pack includes the Universal channel, which is where you can find the new season once it airs in July.

As an alternative, you can also stream all episodes from seasons 1 to 8 on Telstra TV Box Office. You can choose to buy only the episodes you want to watch for only $2.99 each, or buy entire seasons ranging from $18.99 to $36.99 for the most current seasons.

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Watch or Stream Suits Replays!

Each episode will be shown live on Foxtel’s Universal channel starting July and if you’re out and about, you don’t have to miss a minute because you can stream Suits free using the Foxtel Go app instantly upon joining. Suits is also available to new members using the free Foxtel Now live TV trial, which offers fans the option to watch Suits online in Australia with compatible internet-connected devices. For the complete list of available Foxtel Go devices, check out the table below:

Device Available? User Guide
iQ2YesNo streaming option, or apps. No HD playback
iQ3YesNo app access
iQ4YesAccess to 4K content included
PC/Mac Yes Web browser only (Chrome for PC; Chrome & Safari for Mac)
iOS Mobile Devices Yes Via native app (iOS 9.3.5 or above)
Android Mobile Devices Yes Via native app (Android 5 and above)
Google Chromecast Yes Via casting (only on Multiroom service)
Apple TV Yes Via AirPlay (only on Multiroom service)
Telstra TVNo
Smart TVsYesVia casting only (only on Multiroom service)
Gaming Consoles (PS4, Xbox One, etc)No

Suits Season 9 Live TV Guide (AEST)

Per broadcasting and licensing rights, Suits is not available on free to air in Australia. Check out the live airing schedule of all ten episodes of Suits Season 9:

  • Episode 1: Thurs 18 July (Universal)
  • Episode 2: Thurs 25 July (Universal)
  • Episode 3: Thurs 1 Aug (Universal)
  • Episode 4: Thurs 8 Aug (Universal)
  • Episode 5: Thurs 15 Aug (Universal)
  • Episode 6: Thurs 22 Aug (Universal)
  • Episode 7: Thurs 29 Aug (Universal)
  • Episode 8: Thurs 5 Sept (Universal)
  • Episode 9: Thurs 12 Sept (Universal)
  • Episode 10: Thurs 19 Sept (Universal)

After each live airing of new episodes of Suits, there will be several replays made available on Foxtel on certain days of the week, which you can catch on Universal. On top of that, you can also stream episodes at your own convenience with Foxtel Now’s 10 day free trial offer. You just need to sign up for the Drama pack, which gives you access to Suits plus a ton of other hit shows including Big Little Lies, Wentworth, and the recently concluded Game of Thrones.

Must See TV for Suits fans

If you feel like the new season premiere is still a bit too far off, you can get your fix of thrilling and thought-provoking drama with these other shows that you can watch now. You can start streaming and watching these shows in the meantime, which are now available on Foxtel and Foxtel Now, while counting down the days to the airing of the ninth and final season of Suits.

Big Little Lies

Big Little Lies (Foxtel & Foxtel Now)

After that tragic cliffhanger ending in the first season, secrets will come to light and lies will begin to unravel in the second season of Big Little Lies. The women of Monterey Five are steadfast in looking after each other, but with the arrival of another woman into the picture, things are bound to get messy. This new woman is hell-bent on finding out the truth behind the tragedy, and she won’t stop until she gets what she came for. Tune in to new episodes from season 2 of Big Little Lies every Mondays at 11:00am on FOX SHOWCASE and catch up on season 1 with Foxtel Now.


MotherFatherSon (Foxtel)

After almost four decades since his last TV project, Richard Gere returns in this ambitious drama on BBC, MotherFatherSon. This eight-episode series delves into a very complicated dynamic that sees Gere playing a ruthless and highly influential media tycoon, who appoints his son as the youngest ever editor of his prized publication. The son crumbles under the immense pressure, leading him to have a stroke, which also eventually pushes Gere and his estranged ex-wife back together. Find out how everything turns out with continuing new episodes on BBC First every Sundays.


Ballers (Foxtel Now)

Another HBO original show, Ballers is a comedy-drama series that sees Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson playing a retired NFL player, who now navigates his new career as the financial manager of other NFL players. He mentors current and former players through the daily grind of the business of football, while also navigating his life now that he’s retired. Beneath all the negotiating and networking that goes on, there’s a whole lot of heart as he deals with his own personal issues. Start streaming all four seasons of Ballers on Foxtel Now.