What Sport Can I Watch On Foxtel?

Foxtel is an Australian pay television company, operating cable, direct broadcast satellite television and IPTV services for people that live in Australia. Try to compare Foxtel packages to other IPTV companies and you will see the advantages of subscribing to their plans. If you are a sports enthusiast and want to know what sports you can watch on Foxtel then this article will help you decide on which Pay TV or IPTV you will go.

Many people in Australia love to watch sports, because of that – Foxtel has all of the popular sports teams and evens for their viewers to enjoy. There are fifteen channels that are dedicated to live sports. These channels include Fox Footy, Fox Sports 1, Fox Sports 2, Fox Sports 3, Fox Sports 4, Fox Sports 5, beIN Sports 1, beIN Sports 2, beIN Sports 3, ESPN, ESPN2, and Eurosport for all the sports fans. These sports channels feature sports such as rugby. This sport is also referred to as footy. This is the most popular sport in the county and all three divisions can be found on these television stations. These channels will allow the sports fan to catch every game and not miss a moment of the action.

Now you can also watch UFC on Foxtel. Broadcasting the world’s premier mixed martial arts (MMA) organisation since 2007 on Fuel TV, Foxtel will now be home to the most premium UFC content ever seen in Australia across its channels.

UFC President Dana White, said: “The UFC is the most exciting sports organisation in the world and Foxtel is the No.1 entertainment company in Australia, so this is a perfect match.

“Australia is pound-for-pound the No.1 UFC market for its size, and we are now going to give them more UFC content than ever before. With Foxtel, they won’t miss a single minute of the action”.

FOX SPORTS chief executive, Patrick Delany, said: “The UFC has become a major player in sports entertainment in Australia. Its growth has been nothing short of phenomenal. In the US, the popularity rivals the ‘big four’ of the NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB and the new partnership with Foxtel will see the UFC explode here in Australia.”

Aside from UFC, users of Foxtel can also watch cricket on their television. This is considered to be the second most popular sport in the country and can be see on tv all weekend long. Australia has one of the best teams in the world and people are able to see these games on their home television. These stations will also show the World Cup Games so fans can root for their country and their team.

If you like playing Golf, Foxtel also has this channel. Each city has their own major courses and a person can catch them all on tv. They can follow their favorite golfers and catch all of the big competitions.

Aside from the sports mentioned above. There are other sports that can be found on this IPTV cable company including soccer, rowing, sailing ,and swimming. Diving can also be seen on tv. A person can also catch the cycling actions and see the different races on their television. Foxel features all of these channels that are dedicated to sports and making sure a person does not miss a single game.

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