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Marvel Legion

Since the first X-Men movie in 2000, Marvel’s superhero franchise has gone from strength to strength. With seven epic tales, leading up to last year’s Apocalypse, director, writer & producer Bryan Singer helped create a mini-universe revolving around the characters & events that played out on the big screen.

The X-Men universe was always larger in the comics – there were characters and stories the movies never touched on. One of those is the title character of the hugely-anticipated new Marvel TV show Legion – a character who starts life as David Haller, son of the movie series’ Charles Xavier. Growing up in asylums, he realises he has strange and terrifying powers, each of them the product of one of his many split personalities.

Legion is the first X-Men TV series, and with Fargo creator Noah Hawley in charge, the hype is very real – and it’s coming to FX exclusively from February 9th, with every episode broadcast express from the US. Thanks to the free two-week offer from the newly-revamped Foxtel Play online streaming service you can catch the first two episodes completely free. If you get hooked, Foxtel Play’s new pricing means it’s only $15/month for Legion. You’ll also get a range of other premium television from FX, Showcase (the home of HBO) and more.

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Who’s in Legion?

It’s a change of pace for star Dan Stevens, who plays Legion. He’s the British actor best known to Downton Abbey fans as Matthew Crawley, would-be heir to that lush estate. Steven’s has spent a fair bit of time playing very English characters – perhaps because of that connection. He no doubt relishes the chance to get creative with a far less conventional character, much as Hugh Jackman did with Wolverine in the movies.

The wonderful Aubrey Plaza, who fans of Parks and Recreation will know well, is also on the Legion cast, while Fargo’s Rachel Keller plays Syd Barrett (named after Pink Floyd’s original lead singer and guitarist!)

Why Legion is Exciting People

The pedigrees of Legion producers and cast are high, that goes without saying. As Netflix’s Marvel adaptations have shown, there’s more space to weave an intricate and exciting story in a TV series than there is in two hours of a movie. And with TV series budgets now rivaling the biggest summer blockbusters, you can bet the money’s there onscreen too, with action aplenty – supernatural powers, time travel, and more. This is a premise that’s got “eye-popping special effects” written all over it, and from what the trailers are showing, it’s going to deliver bigtime.

There’s also the very real possibility of a guest appearance from dad – Professor X – who of course was played in the movies by the great Patrick Stewart. He’s a man who’s quite happy to make unannounced appearances in TV shows – as fans of the Ricky Gervais classic Extras remember all too well!

The critics are excited too

“…stands to become the most visually evocative and inventive — and perhaps even the best — superhero show on television.” – Alex Abad-Santos, Vox

“anyone who’s seen Fargo knows Noah Hawley knows how to unfold a story… this show looks like Fight Club meets Mr. Robot meets The Matrix meets I-don’t-know-what… with a musical dance break.” – Kelly West, Cinemablend

Legion begins feb 9

Legion begins February 9. Photo: FX

Another must-see from FX, Foxtel’s cutting-edge drama channel

It’s not just Legion that makes it worthwhile getting yourself familiar with FX. The channel’s long been the home of high-quality television that you can’t see anywhere else. Shows like The Walking Dead, Sons of Anarchy, Las Vegas, Person of Interest, From Dusk Till Dawn and of course Fargo make it a real destination for quality television. If you need to catch up with what you’ve missed, you can stream many of FX’s earlier seasons using the Anytime feature of Foxtel Play. Stream whenever you like – binge away – there’s a world of TV you’ll never find on free-to-air.

How Can I Watch Legion?

Premiering on February 9th, get free access to Legion for two weeks at the click of a few buttons – with no contract and no obligation to pay any money. You just need a broadband connection and access to Foxtel Play. It will be fast-tracked express from the US every week. If you like what you see, choose from Foxtel Play’s new range of low-cost channel packs, and watch Legion every week (in high definition on Telstra TV, too). You can also watch a range of other drama, comedy, music and news that you simply can’t get anywhere else.