New Foxtel Broadband and Home Phone Bundles Announced

Foxtel Broadband Bundles

Foxtel has officially entered the broadband market with today’s announcement of its new Pay TV, Broadband and Home Phone bundles.

This is a big deal for the media giant and makes them one of the big players in the broadband and bundling market going head to head with competitors such as Optus and ‘frenamies’ such as Telstra. Foxtel also announced the launch of ‘Foxtel Hub’ their Broadband home network gateway.

Foxtel Broadband and Home Phone Bundles

The service bundles Foxtel’s subscription TV service with broadband internet and home phone services with aggressive pricing starting at $65 a month for a 12-24 month 50GB plan.

Foxtel Broadband

Foxtel’s Broadband Bundles offer a choice of 50GB, 100GB, 200GB and 500GB monthly data allowance packages. There are no peak or off peak data limits. Foxtel TV subscribers will be able to access unlimited download data for Foxtel TV, Foxtel Go and Foxtel Anytime through their Foxtel Broadband connection. Foxtel broadband customers will also benefit from unlimited data for access to Foxtel Play and Presto services.

Richard Freudenstein, Foxtel CEO said:

“Today, we take that effort to the next level by providing our most compelling offer yet with our new Foxtel Broadband and Home Phone bundles.  Foxtel Broadband is specially designed with entertainment and video in mind and maximises the value of a Foxtel subscription through flexibility, customisation of services and a simplified customer experience.”

Foxtel Hub

Foxtel Broadband customers will be able to access the ‘Foxtel Hub’ a WiFi modem specifically designed to deliver the fast internet speeds required for video streaming and multi device, in-home connectivity needs

Foxtel’s broadband bundle Features

Key features of Foxtel’s TV, Broadband and Home Phone bundles include:

Broadband and Home Phone delivered over one of Australia’s largest telecommunications networks

A choice of data packages ranging from 50GB, 100GB, 200GB, and up to 500GB plans, and no peak or off peak data limits1

The new Foxtel Hub – Foxtel’s WiFi modem designed to deliver fast WiFi speeds, great in-home coverage and easy streaming to multiple devices

Unlimited standard local and national calls

Foxtel TV, streaming service Foxtel Now and Presto customers will have no data download limits for when connected to Foxtel Broadband. This includes the Foxtel App and Anytime.

The company promises seamless account and bill management of all services

Currently Foxtel Broadband will be deliverd over Telstra’s ADSL network. Plans for an extention into delivery over the NBN will launch later in the year.