March into a month of great offers with Foxtel Play

Foxtel Play Drama Game of Thrones

With the holidays behind us and the Summer awards season out of the way, the creative minds behind some of the best TV drama can turn their attention back to your favourite shows. Now, watching those shows as they go to air is easy – and at a far lower cost too! All thanks to Foxtel Play. Read on to see what shows will available in March.

Taking the drama out of quality drama

Thanks to the relaunch of Foxtel Play, you now catch-up on the cream of local and international premium drama for far less money than before. Even better, you can stream it express in crisp high definition for the first time ever.

Foxtel Play was revamped to offer the channels and shows customers want without having to subscribe to channel packs they don’t. It’s an absolute boon for drama fans. You can now access the acclaimed Showcase channel (home of HBO’s best shows, including Game of Thrones) as a part of the Drama Pack – no other pack subscriptions are necessary.

To top it off, the price has been reduced to $15/month with no lock-in contract. That’s less than $4 a week for instant access to some of the most exciting television the world has to offer! Catch-up on some of the most desired shows delivered express, hot and fresh off the satellite as soon as they air.

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Catching up with favourite shows is now cheaper

The price point Foxtel Play has chosen for their new Drama Pack is pretty remarkable. Especially if you’re after the many exclusive treats on the Showcase channel. It’s now even cheaper than accessing the channel on hardware-installed Foxtel. And unlike the traditional delivery method – which required installation and an ongoing subscription – Foxtel Play lets you simply sign up and start watching. The included channels are streamed live whenever you want them. Moreover, you can watch full seasons of shows on-demand with the Anytime feature. Check out our Foxtel Play review for more info.

The Drama Pack goes beyond Showcase, of course. There’s 7 channels included with lots of drama from some of the world’s finest studios. BBC First lives up to its name bringing you the latest seasons of the top shows from Britain’s legendary broadcaster. It sits alongside BBC UKTV, where you can watch a wealth of quality British drama. On the other side of the pond, Universal Channel gives you drama from that legendary studio, while TV Hits lets you revisit the classics that seem fresh even after multiple viewings. If you love mystery and detective shows, 13th Street is the channel for you – you’ll find your favourites, 24 hours a day. Rounding out the pack is Box Sets, giving you entire seasons of some of the best shows from the other channels, all in the right order and ready for a binge session!

Start watching – right now

With the new Foxtel Play, you don’t need to hunt around for a promo code to get a great price. Premium drama is available for $15/month and there’s a two-week free trial Offer to kick things off. You can make sure the service works for you. The free trial gives you access to every other Foxtel Play channel pack to road test the other options.

You can combine the Pop Pack with the Drama Pack for the special price of $25/month. That means you’ll also get access tothe likes of SyFy and FX. There’s no lock-in contract – add or remove channel packs or cancel at any time without penalty. Foxtel Play comes with the flexibility to tailor your viewing to see the stuff you want without paying for what you don’t!

You can watch online on any PC or Mac – desktop or laptop. If you prefer Foxtel Play on your big screen, there’s apps for current-generation game consoles. Just sit on the couch and channel-surf in style. Selected LG and Samsung Smart TVs also come with a built in Foxtel Play app.

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Watch in HD

One of the best options, in our opinion, is the Telstra TV streaming box. You can pick one up from your local Telstra shop or online. It’s the first device to get Foxtel Play’s new high definition streaming – and it looks incredible on a big screen, too. There’s something cool about flicking between channels in crisp HD and entirely with live online streaming. There’s no extra charge for HD either – and Foxtel Play is bringing it to other supported devices this year. If you’re getting started now, though, we recommend you pick up a Telstra TV for the best experience.

Your Foxtel Play subscription also gives you full access to channels on your mobile phone or tablet with the Foxtel Go app. Yes, that includes all the on-demand content. No matter where you are, you can keep up with your favourite shows streamed live. For a mere $15/month, we think it’s a bargain.

The Foxtel Play Drama Pack heats up March with gripping new shows

Big Little Lies

As we mentioned, March sees some of the biggest shows make their way back onto the screen, with the Drama Pack streaming them direct to you in HD. Top of the list is Big Little Lies, a brand new HBO show loaded with real star power. Following three women navigating glamorous lives in a wealthy beach community – but unable to escape the darkness that lies beneath the surface – it comes from the hugely creative mind of David E. Kelley (Boston Legal, Ally McBeal, LA Law). Being a HBO production, the cast is loaded with big names. Including Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman and Shailene Woodley in leading roles. It promises to be a cracker of a show.

Meanwhile, Lena Dunham’s controversial but much-loved Girls continues with its final season streaming on Showcase direct from the US. With all the characters you’ve loved for five brilliant seasons returning for one last time, it’s a must-watch. If you’re new to the show or have missed a season or two, you can easily catch up thanks to Foxtel Play’s on-demand streaming feature.

There’s much more on the way, too – the highly-anticipated fifth season of popular drama Wentworth and, this Winter, the penultimate season of Game of Thrones.

Until Westeros makes its way to our screens though, there are some pretty cool shows premiering or returning this month. Here are some highlights.

The Missing

The Missing

March 5th on BBC First

The Missing,  a psychological thriller about a young girl who turns up after going missing eleven years ago in Germany, returns with season 2. It’s even better than you remember, with some critics going as far as to call it an “emotionally devastating feast.” We don’t know about you, but we’re already hooked.

DatePackProgramChannelShow Information
March 5DramaThe MissingBBC First
Feud: Bette and Joan

Feud: Bette And Joan

March 12th on showcase

Ryan Murphy’s new and highly anticipated show stars Jessica Lange and Susan Sarandon as Joan Crawford and Bette Davis. The series is based on the rivalry between the two actresses on the set of What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? It was already renewed for a second season ahead of its premiere so we’ll likely be in for a treat.

DatePackProgramChannelShow Information
March 12DramaFeud: Bette And Joanshowcase
Shades of Blue

Shades of Blue

March 9th on Universal Channel

Jonesing for some more Jennifer Lopez in your life? Now’s your chance to see her in action. Shades of Blue, her gritty show about police corruption, returns this month with even more twists to keep you guessing and entertained. Judging by the season two trailer, this one’s going to be a doozy.

DatePackProgramChannelShow Information
March 9EntertainmentShades of BlueUniversal ChannelExpress from the US

Sign up and stream away

If instant access to premium drama for not very much money sounds like a great idea, you’re not alone. Get connected to the new Foxtel Play in minutes to see it in action for yourself without paying a cent. Sign up for the two-weeks free trial to check out everything Foxtel Play has to offer.

Along with the Drama Pack, you’ll find other great-value channel packs you can add anytime you like – even live sports! It’s a low-cost way to watch premium TV, and with the service now delivering channels in HD, it looks just as good on a big screen as it does on the go.

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