Global Triple Play Trends - 333 Million Triple Play Subscriptions by 2018

There will be 333 million triple-play subscriptions in 2018

The latest forecast from Digital TV Research anticipates that by 2018, a third of a billion homes will have bundled subscriptions, including pay television, broadband and fixed-line telephony on a single bill. This is an increase of nearly 210 million on the 2013 total. The forecast also says that total subscription revenues for so-called triple-play services will rise from $78 billion in 2013 to $144 billion in 2018. These figures are really good for an industry that shows a lot of promise to consumers.

The latest Triple-Play Forecasts report from Digital TV Research shows these numbers.

By 2018, around a fifth of the world’s television households will subscribe to triple-play service according to the forecast. This is a huge increase from just 7% in 2012. A third of the global total will come from China which will have 115 million triple-play subscribers by 2018.

Although China will be home to many triple-play subscribers in the world, the United States will account for over 40% of the world’s triple-play revenues by 2018, at $60 billion. This figure is up from $30 billion in 2012. Cable will still have a huge role in the industry and will contribute nearly two-thirds of triple-play subscribers by 2018 despite rapid growth in IPTV subscriptions.

Many telco and cable operators are now investing in upgrading their networks according to the report. They’re doing this so that their subscribers can receive multiple communications services in the future. They will reap the rewards of their huge investment as more of their customers shift their subscriptions to triple-play bundles. Consumers will also profit from this development because they’ll not have to subscribe to many different services in order to fulfil all of their needs for communication and entertainment. All in all, the development of triple-play bundles is good for both consumers and telcos alike. Read more about Foxtel’s Triple Play Plans here.