Game of Thrones Season 6 returns on April 25. Here’s How to Watch It

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Will Jon Snow return from the dead? Will Daenerys finally make it to King’s Landing? Will Arya get her sight back? All these and many more burning questions will (hopefully!) be answered when the critically acclaimed series Game of Thrones returns to Foxtel’s Showcase channel, Monday 25th April with season 6.

It’s time to mark your calendars and get ready for some extra-juicy Westeros drama, here’s everything you need to know about how to watch the new season and the inside scoop on what offers to take advantage of.

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Airing Dates

First off, let’s start will the good news: season 6 of Game of Thrones will air in Australia at the same time as it does in the US, courtesy of Foxtel. That means you will be able to avoid spoilers, even though you’ll have to catch the new episodes on Mondays, at 11:00 am. The new season will air on Showcase, home of everything HBO and part of the Foxtel Drama package. If you can’t call in sick every Monday, not to worry – we’re certain that Showcase will air a rerun that night at 7:30 pm, just as it did last year.

Or, you can record the show with the help of your IQ3 box, to watch it comfortably when you get home.  It’s easy to set your iQ to record entire seasons of your favourite shows with just a click of the Series Link button. You can even do it remotely from the Foxtel Guide App for mobile and tablets, or from the Online TV Guide, Foxtel Go or the Preview newsletter.

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Emilia Clarke in Game of Thrones season 6Photo: Macall B. Polay/HBO

How & Where to Watch

Pay TV

If you’re a Foxtel drama subscriber, you’re in luck. If not, you can easily join up before the new season of Game of Thrones starts. The telco giant is currently running a special offer that might just be what you were looking for.

Online Streaming

Don’t feel like getting locked down with a lengthy contract? There’s an alternative. You can sign up for Foxtel Now, the Online Streaming service that gives you access to everything Foxtel has to offer. There’s no lock-in contract, and the platform is compatible with a variety of devices (laptops, smart TVs, game consoles). All in all, a pretty good deal. Foxtel Now offers a Free 2 week trial, so you can subscribe on April 25 and watch the first two episodes of the series completely free before deciding to continue!

Stream Game of Thrones season 6 on mobile

If you’re a Foxtel or Foxtel Now subscriber, you can Stream Game of Thrones on mobile via the included free Foxtel Go app. Download the app from the App Store or Google Play and start streaming your favourite Foxtel content immediately. The app is available on a variety of mobile devices, but it’s best to ensure your operating system and application are updated to the latest version. Plus, streaming Foxtel Go video is unmetered with Foxtel Broadband and Telstra Home Broadband service.


You can always wait for the current season to wrap up and purchase it on iTunes, Google Play, or Quickflix, as soon as becomes available. Last year, iTunes and Google Play had it up just as the last episode of season 5 aired, so it’s safe to assume they will continue with the tradition. But if patience isn’t one of your virtues, you might want to take advantage of the offers below.

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Peter Dinklage and Conleth Hill in Game of Thrones season 6Photo: Macall B. Polay/HBO

What offers to take advantage of

If you’re not already a Foxtel subscriber, Foxtel Now is your best bet for watching Game of Thrones season 6 – it comes with no lock-in contract, so you won’t be tied down. Foxtel is offering new clients a 14 days free trial to get the hang of the service, so you might want to take advantage of that starting April 25.

Another great offer for Game of Thrones fans who are also looking to try out a Pay TV service comes from Telstra. The giant telco is currently offering new clients the opportunity to try Foxtel from Telstra free for 3 months, no lock-in contract needed. That means the you can watch the entire Game of Thrones season 6 for free, and only keep the service afterward if you’re completely satisfied with it.

Six Shows to Watch When You Can’t Watch Game of Thrones

It seems everyone’s watching and talking about Game of Thrones right now – not surprising, considering it’s one of the world’s most-watched TV dramas. Each new season is eagerly anticipated by the show’s legion of fans, and not even a federal election can distract the faithful from analysing each week’s journey into Westeros.

But what do you do if you don’t have access to each new episode of Game of Thrones as it airs? Maybe you’ve decided you’d rather wait and buy the Blu-Ray when it comes out, maybe you’re waiting for it to appear as a full season on iTunes so you can binge-watch the entire thing in one sitting – or maybe you’re a few seasons behind and taking your time. There’s plenty of options to satisfy your craving for high drama – here’s just a few suggestions.

Sons of Anarchy

Sons of Anarchy (Presto)

Kurt Sutter was one of the men behind the groundbreaking TV series The Shield, and with Sons of Anarchy he turned his attention to the world of motorcycle gangs, to great acclaim. Sons of Anarchy centres around a fictional outlaw bike club in California, with all the rivalry and violence you’d expect from the setting – it’s Game of Thrones on wheels! Superb acting from a stellar cast elevate this one above the pack; you can find six seasons of it on Presto.

The Knick

The Knick (Foxtel Now)

Set in 1900 when modern medicine had yet to be invented, The Knick is named for the Knickerbocker Hospital in which it’s set, where the doctors have to use whatever ideas they can come up with to try to save patients’ lives. It can get gruesome. Clive Owen heads the cast as Dr John Thackery, who happily helps himself to his own supply of drugs while operating on patients. Directed by award winner Steven Soderbergh, it’s first-class television.

Check out The Kick and many other excellent dramas on Foxtel Now.


Grimm (Presto)

As the title suggests, Grimm takes its inspiration from the world of Grimm’s Fairy Tales – but with a twist. This one’s a police drama where lead character Nick Burkhardt, a homicide detective in the Portland police department, discovers that he is descended from a long line of monster hunters known as Grimms. He has powers to connect with the supernatural that he wasn’t even aware of, and his job is to battle bizarre creatures from another world. CSI this ain’t! Foxtel Now has the first two full seasons of this highly original drama.

Mr. Robot

Mr Robot (Presto, Foxtel Now)

One of the best new shows of last year, Mr Robot tells the story of Elliot Alderson, a slightly dysfunctional computer and internet specialist who is recruited by a mysterious organisation to help take down the world’s biggest, evilest corporation (which is quite literally named Evil Corp) Smart, loaded with great characters and filmed like a big-budget movie, the show won a Golden Globe for Best Drama. Game of Thrones didn’t win that one!

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead (Presto, Foxtel Now)

Zombies, they’re everywhere. Well, they certainly have been in the world of TV and movies in recent years, but it’s this show that’s got a lot to do with the zombie comeback. Following people surviving in a world overrun by the undead, it’s gritty, smart and occasionally, absolutely terrifying. If you haven’t discovered this one yet, there’s five entire seasons of it waiting for you on Presto – and if you’ve already seen it all, check out the companion prequel series, Fear The Walking Dead, which you can stream on Foxtel Now .


Empire (Presto)

All the drama, intrigue and tensions of Game of Thrones transplanted to the New York music industry – that’s what Empire basically is. It’s centred around record company and entertainment powerhouse Empire Entertainment, run by Lucious Lyon, who discovers at the start of the series that he’s become seriously ill and will have to hand control of the company to a family member. And of course, none of those family members can agree on who it should be. Music overseen by Timbaland gives the whole thing even more authenticity.

Watch this awesome drama today with Presto’s free trial.

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