Free hayu now a Reality for Foxtel Subscribers


Free hayu for Foxtel Subscribers


Free Hayu for Foxtel Subscribers


Were you dying to get your hands on hayu, the new reality TV streaming service that just launched in Australia? If you’re a Foxtel subscriber, you can now do it for free. The giant telco teamed up with hayu to offer free access to all those addictive reality shows.


To gain free access to hayu, you need to be a Foxtel residential customer and have a subscription package that includes the channel E! Entertainment Television (the entertainment package). As long as that’s the case, you instantly get access to the new and exciting streaming platform as part of your existing Foxtel subscription. In other words, Keeping Up with the Kardashians has never been easier for Foxtel clients. You can redeem your hayu subscription online.

hayu launched in Australia back in March and carries popular shows like I Am Cait, The Real Housewives series, Ice Loves Coco, and many more. You can watch over 3,000 episodes of explosive, emotional, and exciting reality. If you’re not a Foxtel client, a hayu subscription comes at $5.99/month.

Get hayu free for 30 days!

Start streaming the hottest reality shows on TV with new releases express from the US with hayu’s 30-day free trial. Only pay $6.99 thereafter.
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