Foxtel's popular New Shows fresh from the US season

With two of the hottest shows – The Flash and Jane the Virgin in its kitty, Foxtel viewers are sure to be enthralled this fall season. Both the shows are slated to be part of the FOX8 HD channel bouquet by December.

The Flash, is a nail biting sci-fi thriller with Grant Gustin in the lead. Foxtel has acquired the rights to this in a deal with Warner Bros /Nine Network. The show depicts Grant Gustin as Berry Allen who has acquired supernatural abilities after an accidental exposure to radiation. He puts his new found skills to good use solving mysteries and tracking down criminals, while he also attempts to track down his mother’s killers.

Jane The Virgin of CBS Studios is the other show that is the talk of the town right now. A light hearted comedy series, Jane The Virgin is all about a twenty something virgin, ambitious go-getter Jane whose life changes overnight when she is accidentally artificially inseminated during a regular medical check-up. The story literally begins froam here and the way her seemingly routine medical procedure brings her life upside down.

On 5th Nov, Foxtel plans to launch the 20th Century Fox drama series RUSH. A show that portrays the life of Dr William Rush, played by Tom Ellis catering to an exclusive list of clients who require utmost discretion. His zeal to earn money fuels his partying lifestyle. This is until he bumps into his an old flame and things begin to take a new turn for Tom.

Starting on 6th Nov, Foxtel will air the British-American series for the horror buffs, Penny Dreadful, that will have all the classic characters from the Victorian era such as Dr. Frankenstein, and Dracula that have been glorified in both text and the silver screen.

Other shows of interest that Foxtel will soon be airing include The Messengers which is another Sci-Fi show sourced from CBS. It follows the weird experiences of a bunch on unrelated people, who died from exposure to an energy pulse from a mysterious object. However, they find themselves later woken up up to be tried for thwarting an apocalypse.

While these are of the somber group there are two comedy shows also being added to the Foxtel cartel – Freshoff the Boat and Cristela– that will be aired starting 2015. While Fresh off the Boat is about the great American Dream and its chase by a chef, Cristela too is about the dream of a woman lawyer trying to make it big in the world which is not approved of by her Mexican-American family.

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