Foxtel’s New Broadband Bundles Offer Unlimited Entertainment

This week Foxtel announced a new range of bundle plans for new Foxtel Broadband customers that offer even better value than ever, with everything you need to get connected to all your entertainment needs taken care of in one easy package.

Designed with entertainment and video streaming in mind, the new Foxtel Broadband Bundles offer a full package of services for a low monthly fee, making it simple to get connected without having to organise everything separately, and saving you money in the process.

The real star here for simplicity and cost is the 250GB bundle at $99/month on a 12-month or 24-month plan, which gives you a broadband connection with a nice big 250GB monthly data allowance, big enough to handle all kinds of online gaming, video streaming and anything else you can imagine. A home phone service is also included, with unlimited standard local calls. And of course there’s Foxtel itself, with the Entertainment Pack giving you a range of 45 channels covering everything from news and music to drama and comedy, all powered by the Foxtel iQ1 set top box so you’ll never miss your favourite shows. Foxtel Go mobile is also included so you can access your Foxtel channels from anywhere on a range of phones and tablets.

If you do miss a show, though, Foxtel’s got you covered with Foxtel Anytime, which lets you stream the Foxtel shows you missed at any time up to 24 hours later.

Enjoy the ultimate viewing experience with Foxtel

Get the world’s best dramas, live sport, latest entertainment, and Netflix shows, all in one place

The best part of this bundle is that no matter how much you use the Anytime service, the data won’t count towards your monthly limit.

That also extends to Foxtel’s other online services (Foxtel Go and Foxtel Play) and, best of all, the hot new on-demand streaming service Presto is also completely unmetered on your Foxtel Broadband connection – so you can binge-watch with confidence!

Foxtel Broadband also provides you with their Foxtel Hub, a specialised Wi-Fi modem that’s been specifically designed to handle fast wireless speeds for streaming video to multiple devices.

Bundles are also available with even higher monthly data allowances if you’re a heavy internet user, including 500GB/month for $110, and a huge 1TB/month for $130. Both of the larger plans also come with everything mentioned above, with the addition of unlimited phone calls anywhere in Australia.

With these new bundles, Foxtel has really stepped up the value to another level; if you love your TV, love your movies and are looking for fast broadband powered by Telstra’s acclaimed network, then Foxtel’s got you covered.

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