Foxtel's Season 7 of Wentworth Has Officially Started Production!

Don't Miss Wentworth season 6

Foxtel’s award-winning and critically acclaimed drama, Wentworth, has continuously enthralled viewers with gripping characters and controversial storylines. Production has officially began for its seventh season, which will air on showcase in 2019.

Ever since it debuted all the way back in 2013, the hit TV show Wentworth has continuously captivated its audiences with thrilling storylines about some of the most notorious and damaged women ever seen on Australian television. Fans and viewers would be delighted to know that production on season 7 has officially commenced — even though season 6 has yet to premiere on June 19 on Foxtel’s showcase.

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Season 5 left viewers at the edge of their seats with a cliffhanger that saw two prisoners who escaped with one life left hanging in the balance. This just makes the season 6 premiere all the more highly anticipated, especially with the introduction of new characters played by actors Leah Purcell, Susie Porter, and Rarriwuy Hick, all entering Wentworth prison for the first time — and each armed with her own mysterious backstory and possible hidden agenda.

Penny Win, Foxtel’s Head of Drama and Wentworth Executive Producer, stated: “It’s hard to believe we are already rolling the cameras on season seven of Wentworth. It feels like only yesterday we were introducing Foxtel viewers to such iconic characters like Bea Smith and Joan ‘The Freak’ Ferguson. The way in which our audience, both locally and internationally, has connected with the show goes to prove that people will watch, embrace, love and continue to support quality Australian drama.”

Don’t forget to catch the season 6 premiere of Wentworth on June 19 at 8:30pm, only on Foxtel’s showcase. It will be then available to stream on Foxtel Now. You can also binge watch all episodes from seasons 1 to 5, which are all included in Foxtel Now’s Drama Pack.

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