Foxtel Play’s Kids Pack – Endless Entertainment at Bargain Price

the powerpuff girls cartoon network foxtel kids

The recent relaunch of Foxtel’s live streaming service Foxtel Play came along with a shake-up of the various channel packs that you can pick and choose from to suit your needs. And along with those changes came a significant revamp of pricing. Noteworthy because in a world where the price of everything just keeps on going up, many of Foxtel Play’s channel packs went in the other direction. Their monthly price lowered to almost unbelievable levels.

That’s great news. Especially if you’ve been trying to keep the kids entertained over the holidays but found the offerings on free-to-air TV a bit on the stale and repetitive side. Foxtel has a special channel package to help out with that. And kids are going to love it! The pack is basically a collection of ten premium channels of entertainment for kids of all ages. You can subscribe for only $10/month. No installation fees, no contracts, and no need to subscribe to any other channels that you don’t want. However, you do get access to 17 bonus channels, covering news, music and the arts, at no extra charge.

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What’s in the pack

Boasting more channel offerings on Foxtel Play than the equivalent kids’ pack on hardware-installed Foxtel, this set of ten channels brings together some of the biggest names in kids’ entertainment (and, yes, some education as well!) You get the world-famous Nickelodeon channel and its sibling Nick Jr, as well as the Disney Channel, Disney Junior and Disney XD. The BBC’s acclaimed Cbeebies channel is included; so are the legendary Cartoon Network, fun education from Discovery Kids and more. Everything for only $10/month.

Being available as a stand-alone service, the Kids Pack Offer is an absolute bargain. Not only that, but it brings some of the world’s best kids shows together in the one place. From Spongebob Squarepants and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to Hey DuggeeHorrible Histories and Dora & Friends, there’s something in there to fuel every kid’s imagination. Whether they’re pre-schoolers or growing up fast, they’ll find something to suit their tastes.

How it works

using foxtel kids app

Foxtel Play delivers the same channels you’d see on a pay TV Foxtel service, but via broadband internet and at a fraction of the price. It’s incredibly flexible. You can watch on PCs and Macs, on the big screen via current game consoles, via in-built apps on selected smart TVs. Best of all, a brand new Foxtel Play app is available on Telstra TV boxes. It replicates the full-size Foxtel experience (in HD!) without any of the associated costs.

There’s no contract to agree to and you can cancel or change channel packs any time. Plus, Foxtel Play also offers a free two week trial. You can check the entire service out and give it a thorough road test for a full 14 days without paying a cent.

During the trial you get access to all the channel packs – including premium drama and sport. If you decide you just want to keep the kids’ pack and stick to the bargain $10/month price, you can set it to switch to just that pack at the end of your trial period. With the other channel packs also offering astonishing value, though – like the $15 drama and “Pop” packs – it’s entirely possible you’ll end up building yourself your own personalised streaming Foxtel service.

The best-value Foxtel yet

With the generous range of channels in the Kids’ pack, we think Foxtel Play has really hit it out of the park when it comes to variety and value. If you’ve got kids that love to be entertained by TV while learning something at the same time, the kids’ pack is a perfect fit at a very keen price. Furthermore, the best thing about Foxtel Play is that you can be signed up and streaming within minutes, rather than the days it takes to get full-size Foxtel installed. Get started on the free trial now and put the kids in front of some of their favourite shows, then let them be the judge. We suspect they’ll like it a lot!