Foxtel Play set for another revamp, will launch as Foxtel Now

Foxtel Now

Foxtel Play, Foxtel’s streaming service that allows subscribers to watch Foxtel channels via a broadband connection, is set for another relaunch. According to The Australian Financial Review, Foxtel Play will become Foxtel Now and will utilise a puck which can be plugged into televisions. This will allow users to stream content on demand, watch live, and catch up content via the internet.

Ever since Foxtel Play’s revamp a few months ago, the telco promised subscribers it will launch its very own streaming device soon. Looks like the due date is right around the corner.

Foxtel Play, which will rebrand as Foxtel Now, will come with a small streaming device similar to Apple TV and Telstra TV. That way, Foxtel Now will be much more easily available. At the moment, Foxtel Play is available via laptops, gaming consoles, Telstra TV, and selected smart TVs. Foxtel Now will also be streamed via computers, tablets, mobiles, smart TVs and puck devices.

According to the same AFR article, Foxtel might also be planning to include Stan and Netflix streaming capabilities to the device. The launch of Foxtel Now will happen over the next few weeks.

Right now, users can subscribe to Foxtel Play for as little as $10/month.

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