Foxtel Play Is Now Available on Telstra TV in HD

Watch Foxtel Play on Telstra TV

Starting December 14, Foxtel Play subscribers will be able to catch up with their favourite shows via Telstra TV. The service will be available on the streaming device, making it easier for users to watch on the big screen and in HD!


Since the announcement that Presto will shut down, Foxtel has made serious strides to make their streaming service, Foxtel Play, more appealing to potential clients. Not only did they revamp their pricing plans, making them cheaper, but they also announced the launch of their very own streaming device. We’re talking about a stand-alone gadget you plug into your TV to stream content; which will probably be available starting next year.  Moreover, the telco also announced that 2017 will bring HD streaming to Foxtel Play, which is great news for those looking to watch shows, movies, and sporting events on their big screens.

Until the Foxtel Play custom streaming device becomes available, however, there are other ways for subscribers to watch their favourite content. Foxtel Play is already available on PC/Macs, Sony PlayStation, Xbox One, Samsung Smart TVs, and LG Smart TVs. And starting Wednesday, December 14, the Foxtel Play will appear on Telstra TV as well. The media streaming box is pretty popular in Australia, mainly because it offers a convenient platform for you to access a host of streaming options – including Netflix, Stan, and now Foxtel Play.

According to Foxtel representatives, the arrival of live HD streaming on Telstra TV is the first step in Foxtel’s push to broaden HD access to Foxtel Play subscribers with additional devices slated to offer HD streaming in 2017.

Foxtel Play’s move to Telstra TV features a brand new user interface that aligns more closely with the Foxtel iQ3 and Foxtel Go lay out. The new app also includes improved search and discovery so subscribers can navigate Foxtel’s live and on-demand programming more easily.

To access Foxtel Play from Telstra TV, you need to signup for Foxtel Play. You can choose a base package – Drama, Pop, Lifestyle, Kids, or Docos. Then, you can also add the Movies or Sport packs to your plan. Flexible and convenient, the new and improved Foxtel Play offers a two-week free trial, so you can see what the fuss is all about without paying a dime. Sign up below!

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