Foxtel Play Comes To LG Smart TVs

Foxtel Play, the box-free IPTV service from Foxtel, is now available as an app on selected models of LG’s current smart TV range.

The service is delivered via their broadband connection to the screen with the Foxtel Play app. You can compare IPTV services of Foxtel to other IPTV providers and tell how good their service is and how innovative they are to create such this kind of app making  smart TV owners enjoy pay TV packages without the need for a separate set top box – as an IP service, you simply watch your shows via a home computer or one of a number of selected devices.
Before, Foxtel Play was only available on Xbox 360 and was exclusive to 2012 and 2013 Samsung Smart TVs. Now, LG TVs are joining that list, with a Foxtel Play app now available via LG’s SmartWorld app store.

The models that will run the Foxtel Play service are:

60LA8600; 55LA8600; 60LA7410; 55LA7400; 55LA6620; 50LA6620; 47LA6620; 42LA6620; 60LA6230; 55LA6230; 50LA6230; 42LA6230; 32LA6230; 60LN5710; 55LN5710; 42LN5710; 55LA6200; 55LA6910; 42LA6910.

Foxtel Play is available for a base price of $25 per month, which must be used for one of four genre packages (Entertainment, Drama, Documentaries, or Kids) – which together includes more than 45 live channels. Adding more packages increase the monthly cost to $35, $45, or $50 respectively.

These packages includes some of the most popular Foxtel channels including Fox 8, LifeStyle, TV1, SoHo, FX, National Geographic Channel, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon and Disney.

For example, users may opt for the sports package during the football season or decide to add viewing packages to keep the kids entertained during the school holidays.

The Sport and Movies premium picks are $25 each per month, but cannot be ordered independently. These include channels like Fox Sports, ESPN, Showcase and the range of movie channels. Not all channels available on Foxtel’s cable TV service are available on Play.

Customers can stop and start their subscription at any time and even adjust their subscription to suit their circumstances.

Foxtel Play customers also have access to Foxtel Go as part of their subscription. With Foxtel Go, users can view live and catch-up channels on two additional devices like iPads, iPhones and selected Samsung Android device anywhere in Australia.

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