Foxtel Now June Offers - 2 Weeks Free Trial Now Available!

Inside Windsor Castle on Foxtel Play in June

Foxtel Now offers subscribers a great way to watch their favourite channels via the internet. Ever since its relaunch, Foxtel Play stood out thanks to its affordable and diverse packs, offering something for everyone. Rebranded as Foxtel Now, the service keeps delivering top-notch content. In June, the spotlight’s on the Docos Pack, which costs only $10/month and opens you up to our extraordinary world and beyond via amazing channels.

The main appeal of the former Foxtel Play? You can watch your favourite channels via a broadband connection, no complicated installation to worry about. Plus, you can tailor your subscription so that it matches your interests. No need to pay for channels you don’t fancy. Simply pick the packs you want and you’re good to go. Moreover, Foxtel Now brings subscribers HD streaming, so you’ll be able to watch your favourite content in style.

Foxtel Now comes with five base channel packs and two premium options. Docos is one of the base offering, with 9 documentary channels dedicated to your passions. The Lifestyle Pack is great for those interested in juicy reality shows and entertaining lifestyle content. Meanwhile, the Kids Pack comes with several channels tailored for the little ones. Rounding up the Foxtel Now base packs, we have Drama and Pop, both recommended for viewers looking to keep up with all the latest TV shows.

As for the premium packs, these are available once you already have a base pack in your subscription. You can choose between Sports and Movies – pick your favourite or add them both! The first is a must-have for any sports enthusiast out there, while the second is a great addition for movie buffs.

Foxtel Now June Deals

In June, Foxtel Now subscribers have a lot of entertainment options. And if you don’t have the Docos pack already, we suggest you hurry up and get it. From history, nature and wildlife, science, the arts, biography, automotive and crime, the Docos Pack features something for everyone.

The pack only costs $10/month and there’s no Promo Code required to take advantage of this great Foxtel offer Now. Simply create a Foxtel Now account and you’ll be online in a matter of minutes.

Want Foxtel Now? Check Your Options!

Before signing up, make sure to check this guide on all pay & streaming TV options from Foxtel & other providers to get your favourite sports, TV, & more.
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What to watch in June

In June, Docos subscribers can watch some amazing new content. Australia’s Deadly Monsters, Inside Windsor Castle, and Cold Case Files are just a few of the Foxtel Now June offerings you’ll definitely want to check out.

Australia’s Deadly Monsters

Australia’s Deadly Monsters

June 1 on Nat Geo Wild

The series takes us on a journey through monsoonal floodplains, parched desert dunes, and lofty highlands as we explore the unique lives, habitats, and hierarchies of some of Australia’s monstrous creatures.

DatePackProgramChannelShow Information
June 1DocosAustralia’s Deadliest MonstersNat Geo Wild
Inside Windsor Castle

Inside Windsor Castle

June 12 on HISTORY

This documentary series marks the centenary of the Windsor dynasty by examining the history of the royal residence over the last 80 years – using archive material, interviews and dramatic recreations. Only on Foxtel.

DatePackProgramChannelShow Information
June 12DocosInside Windsor CastleHISTORYOnly on Foxtel
Cold Case Files

Cold Case Files

June 15 on CI

The return of Cold Case Files explores compelling new cases that have gone cold for years and chronicle the journeys of the detectives who reopened them. Only on Foxtel.

DatePackProgramChannelShow Information
June 15DocosCold Case FilesCIOnly on Foxtel

Channels available

The Docos Pack brings some much-needed diversity and variety to your entertainment options. The list of channels includes Discovery, National Geographic Channel, Discovery Turbo, Nat Geo People, CI, A&E, BBC Knowledge, History, Nat Geo Wild.

Moreover, each pack you choose comes with a suite of extra channels completely free of charge. These are V Hits, Fox News, TVSN, Sky News Live, Sky News Business, Sky News Weather, Fox Sport News.

Watch online

Now watching Foxtel is piece of cake. The rebranded service comes with an intuitive new interface, as well as  HD streaming, Chromecast and browser support. All you need is a laptop and a broadband connection. Of course, you can also watch via several compatible devices, like Telstra TV and Chromecast. Other devices, including PlayStation 3 & 4, Xbox One and select Smart TVs are still able to stream Foxtel content live in SD via the Foxtel Play app. You can cancel, pause, or change our subscription at any time.

Moreover, all subscribers get the Foxtel Now app for free. You download it on your mobile device and can then watch all your favourite channels on the go. No need to worry you won’t make it home in time to catch a show, movie, or sporting event!

Sign up and enjoy the perks

As you can see, the signup process is seamless. But the good news doesn’t end there. Best of all, EVERYONE can grab the Foxtel Now free trial whether you’re a new user or existing Foxtel Play subscriber!