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Wentworth streaming on Foxtel


Get ready for the Foxtel original series Wentworth and its latest sixth season as it finally hits the screen on June 19 only on Foxtel’s showcase. After a year of going Wentworth-free, it’s an exciting time for fans of the show, which has since attracted viewership from around the world, including New Zealand and the UK. Don’t miss out on its much-awaited Season 6 premiere. For streaming on the go, get Foxtel Now’s drama pack for only $15 per month.


Foxtel guarantees that you get the best selection of shows to spice up your day starting on its original line-ups, including Picnic at Hanging Rock. Then there are the highly commendable shows straight from the US and UK that are just hard to miss, just like the new sitcom Grown-Ish from Freeform and Trauma from ITV. Experience all these amazing shows only from Foxtel’s entertainment and sports packs.

Foxtel Now’s entertainment packs include the Lifestyle, Docos, and Kids at $10 per month. The Drama and Pop packs come at $15 each month while there are two premium packs you can include in your subscription – the Movies pack at $20 per month and the Sports pack at $29.

You need to subscribe to at least one of the starter packs in order to sign up for the premium pack. For two weeks, you will have access to all these packs. After the trial period ends, you will only be charged for your selected packs.

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Foxtel Now June Deals


Foxtel Now will also include new shows you can binge on starting June – including Wentworth’s Season 6, Hulu’s Future Man starring The Hunger Games’ Josh Hutcherson and comedic actress Eliza Coupe, and the new sitcom Grown-Ish.

This month is also an exciting time for the sports fans as the NBA ultimately faces the finals LIVE on ESPN on June 1. You can see the thrill of the game by getting Foxtel Now Sports pack for on the go streaming. Hungry for more sports? The 2018 US Open will be live on Fox Sports on June 14, too.

Foxtel Now houses the best selection of sports and entertainment content with no lock-in contract so that you can cancel anytime you want – no attachments, no pressures, just pure entertainment.

Moreover, Foxtel Now’s drama pack will be intensified with its latest additions – Fahrenheit 451 on showcase, The Disappearance on Universal Channel, and Save Me on BBC First. Plus, don’t miss The 100’s Season 5 premiere on Fox8, among other exciting titles to play on your screens.

The Drama Pack is $15/month, and there’s no Promo Code required to register. You just need to create a Foxtel Now account, select the Drama pack, and start watching amazing content right there and then.


What to watch in June


Mark your calendars for the premiere of Wentworth Season 6 happening on Tuesday, June 19. Meanwhile, Foxtel’s original series Picnic at Hanging Rock is on showcase, and new episodes of The 100’s Season 5 drops every Wednesday starting May 30 on Fox8.

New episodes of the acclaimed series Wentworth will be available on Foxtel Now come June 19th, and you won’t want to miss some new and returning series as well. The list includes Grown-ish, The 100, Future Man, For the People, and more!

Besides the Wentworth, there are some other great series to catch up with in June. Here are our top picks.

The 100 on Foxtel's Fox8

The 100 Season 5


After a nuclear disaster ended life on Earth, survivors settled in space stations with nowhere to go. Three generations later, 100 juvenile prisoners were sent back to see if the once doomed planet can inhabit human life again. After a one-year break, The CW’s sci-fi post-apocalyptic series The 100 returns for its fifth season, finally addressing the six-year time jump that left fans hanging at the end of the fourth season. The 100 stars Australian actress Eliza Taylor as lead character Clarke Griffin.

Date Pack Program Channel Show Information
May 30 Drama The 100 Fox 8  
For The People S1

For The People Season 1


Shonda Rhimes’ new drama, For The People, centres on the lives of six young and talented lawyers working on the opposite sides of the law as they handle the most high-profile and high-stakes federal cases in the country. All these lawyers will put to the test in this rather unique coming-of-age story, both personally and professionally, as their lives intersect and paths interweave in and out of America’s most prestigious trial court. Starring Britt Robertson, Ben Rappaport, and Wesam Keesh.

Date Pack Program Channel Show Information
May 30 Drama For The People Universal  

Grown-ish Season 1


So, what happens when you wander on your own without the safety of home? That is the case as the Johnson family’s eldest daughter heads off to college. There, she enters the initial real world of adulthood as she’s confronted with the confusion and predicaments of being “grown-ish”. A spin-off of the sitcom Black-ish, it stars actress Yara Shahidi as Zoey Johnson.

Date Pack Program Channel Show Information
June 3 Drama Grown-ish Fox8  

Channels available


Subscription to the Drama pack will give you access to Showcase, Universal Channel, and BBC First for award-winning and top-rated drama shows.

Moreover, each pack you choose comes with an assortment of extra channels completely free of charge. These are V Hits, Fox News, TVSN, Sky News Live, Sky News Business, Sky News Weather, Fox Sport News.


Watch online


You don’t have to go through a complicated installation process to get Foxtel Now. Just sign up on the website, choose your channel packs, and you will start watching in minutes. You can watch Foxtel Now on a variety of devices – PCs, Macs,  mobile devices, PS4, Telstra TV, Apple TV (with Airplay), and Chromecast. The only must is a fast broadband connection.

PlayStation 3, Xbox One and select Smart TVs are still able to stream Foxtel content live in SD via the Foxtel Play app. You can cancel, pause, or change our subscription at any time. Plus, there are several ways to watch Foxtel Now free.


Sign up and enjoy the perks


Ready for an exciting month of amazing Foxtel content? With so many new and returning series becoming available, it’s the perfect time to try Foxtel Now for yourself. Sign up for a one month free trial and enjoy everything Foxtel has to offer.