Foxtel New iQ3 – What we know about the soon to launch set top box so far

Foxtel have just launched a new marketing campaign for for the long anticipated iQ3, the latest iteration of its popular set top box.

Here is the teaser ad promising to ‘Make Entertainment Sexier’ and using Hot Chocolates ‘You Sexy Thing’.

What we know about the New Foxtel iQ3

  • Its arriving in February – according to the teaser at least
  • No exact launch date has been provided but we should find out soon given the feb timing
  • It will integrate Free to Air Broadcast and internet TV services, we are hoping this includes the vast array of free to air catch up TV available online
  • It will definitely have IP connectivity
  • This is the first box Austar or Foxtel have produced that actually integrates free-to-air broadcast.
  • We will be able to use the box to record free-to-air broadcast, cable or satellite programming from Foxtel and have IP connectivity for on-demand and catchup programming – according to Foxtel Marketing Chief Ed Smith
  • The iQ3 device will come with one terabyte of storage as well a more tuners than previous boxes.
  • It will have a Bluetooth remote “so you can have the box in the cupboard and control it, it doesn’t need to be line of sight. “
  • If you come across a program that you like and it’s half way through, it includes a start over functionality, you can push a button to watch it from the beginning.

Well that’s it for now, we will be sure to update you as soon as we hear more.. looks good thus far.