Foxtel May Release a Competitor to Telstra TV

Foxtel May Release a Competitor to Telstra TV


Foxtel May Release a Competitor to Telstra TV

Speculation grows about Foxtel releasing its very own streaming device, similar to Telstra TV and Apple TV. This is mainly because Foxtel’s current online streaming service, Foxtel Play, isn’t available on Telstra TV at the moment.

According to multiple reports, led by the Australian Financial Review, Foxtel may be plotting to launch its very own streaming media device, to better compete with the likes of Netflix. The rumour wasn’t confirmed by Foxtel representatives yet. However, due to the fact that Foxtel Play doesn’t appear on Telstra TV, it seems more and more likely for Foxtel to release its very own competing gadget. “We are going to make sure that we maximise all of our distribution platforms and it’s really important we have a great user experience on them,” Foxtel CEO Richard Freudenstein said.

Telstra TV was launched at the end of last year, and the telco recently reported that it had signed up 75,000 users to the device. Telstra TV provides access to catch-up services and streaming platforms like Netflix, Stan and Presto.

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